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Grey Matter



The election was still on my mind as I tried to come up with a topic for Grey Matters. I thought to myself that I can't possibly write about politics for 2 weeks in a row and so I tried to think of something of a Ufological nature. It was then that it occurred to me that the topics aren't so completely different. In fact, in my mind they are very much alike.

They are alike because they both have two main groups, the believers (for lack of a better word) and the debunkers. To me (a Liberal), the believers are pretty much like Democrats and the debunkers like Republicans.

The believers want to try new things, consider new possibilities, they don't want to be stuck with the dogma of what we know because we might not know everything. They want to progress. The debunkers don't want to consider anything that hasn't already been a proven part of science for hundreds of years. They are stuck in the past and present without ever considering what we may not know now and may know in the future.

The debunkers remind me very much of the John McCain campaign. Rather than truly explain anything, they just slander the other side. Oh, they have their crazy theories like owls and swamp gas, but they never actually prove any of it and spend most of their time just pointing out how crazy the other side is. As though by just showing how wrong they think the other side is proves that they are right. In reality, it is just smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that they don't know anymore than anyone else.

Back to politics -- the election of Barack Obama gave me something that I haven't had in years -- hope. I don't mean hope for myself personally, but on a much larger scale.

Hope is not something that can be bought or sold, it can only be given. And hopes are often dashed. Hope is an esoteric thing, as much so as ufos, mothman or anything in the paranormal realm.

Hope is the true element that builds nations, creates peace, helps man to rise above his circumstances and has guided probably every scientific breakthrough ever made -- the hope that they were on the right track. It seems to me that without hope humans are nothing.

Yet, already, just the day after the election I see the Republican debunkers out trying to debunk hope. President Obama not even sworn into office yet, but the debunkers are already there. They have always been there throughout his campaign, but one would think that now that he has been elected they would at least give him a chance before returning to their old ways.

They won't and they will never leave. He could end up being the best President in modern history, but you won't convince them because it goes against their dogma of how things are suppose to work or be.

Back to UFO debunkers --

Debunkers are the MOST religious people on earth. Their religion is what they perceive to be science, meaning where science is right now, not where it will be in 500,100, 50 or even just 25 years. They follow that dogma far more strictly than any Catholic or even Fundamentalist Christian that I know of. They certainly follow it far more strictly than any UFO "believer" that I know.

This election gave me hope for another reason -- the Republicans followed their normal debunking method of winning, which is to say very little about what you know or plan to do and instead just point at the other guy and say how wrong, crazy and dangerous he is. It failed miserably. People have realized that merely pointing the finger at the other guy does not prove you are right. Hopefully, they will catch on to all such debunking, if they haven't already.

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