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Grey Matter

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October 13

The October 13th prediction by Stanley Fulham was the big news last week. As usual with UFO predictions, I made a joke of it the night before at my blog. And why shouldn't I? We have all been through this numerous times and these predictions never come true. However, this time it sort of did, depending on how much you believe the objects in NY were actually spaceships and if you discount the fact that they were supposed to be seen in major cities all over the world on that day, not just NYC. Still, at least there was something this time.

Of course, it is all being explained away as balloons. They floated that answer out there right away. I am not saying that they weren't balloons, but I can't understand why there wasn't a news helicopter or some way to zoom in better on these objects and get real clear footage. I mean it isn't like they were only around for a few seconds or minutes. Of course, quite possibly there is clear footage that I haven't seen yet.

Also, there is that weird synchronicity that right during the time this was going on the radar station was closed due to a gas leak or something odd like that. I suppose that is the answer to why helicopters weren't flying, at least while that was closed down. That is almost too strange of a coincidence for me to believe that it was mere coincidence. Is it possible that whether this was a spaceship or not, someone or some group thought it might be and felt it better to shut down the radar station just in case it was?

Now in Mt. Vernon, there is a school that claims to have released a bunch of balloons. Someone better at tracking weather and wind conditions could probably tell whether it was likely that this could be the "object" or "objects" that were spotted. Although, these seem to be described as your typical kid balloons and to me the photos seemed to show orbs that were quite a bit larger than typical balloons. Then again, I don't claim to have any real skill at estimating sizes.

NYC - maybe or maybe not. Here where I live: nothing. Beautiful clear blue skies on the 13th, though, I did see quite a few helicopters fly over from KAFB, but that isn't very unusual.

But what of Fulham's prediction, even if what was seen in NYC was a spacecraft, is it a hit or miss? I have always been taught that unless the full prediction comes true, it is a "miss" and so I feel it was a "miss," but I wouldn't waste time arguing with someone that felt otherwise either. Of course, I would also need proof that it was actually (at the very least) not balloons of some sort.

Oh yes, almost forgot - in related news: A city in China (not a major city) was said to have disappeared on the 13th after a UFO sighting.

I have no comment on that one. :-)

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