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Grey Matter

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Last week, Britton and I watched the film "Touched," which features Dr. John Mack. I have always admired Dr. Mack, but, for the most part, like many involved in Ufology, I tend to shy away from abduction tales. Don't get me wrong, it isn't because I don't believe that people have these experiences, it is because I don't know what to make of those experiences.

Likely there are at least a few that make up these experiences for attention or whatever weird reason they may have, but I think that most people that come forward with such experiences are sincere. Whether or not those experiences took place physically, they did on some level take place.

Many of these experiences are frightening and I can certainly understand why most of the population would choose to not believe them.

Abductees are kind of between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, people use the similarity of experiences to say that is proof that they just heard of someone else's experience and are either hallucinating that it happened to them or making it up. On the other hand, if someone has a very different type of experience that is also discounted, because it doesn't go along with what we know from others that claim to have been abducted. I will admit that I have sometimes been guilty of the latter.

One of the points made in this film was that for most of human history, people believed that they were visited by beings from elsewhere and it is only in modern times, in the western world, that we have stopped believing that. I felt they should have spent more time on that, but you can't get everything into an hour long film.

The Greeks and Romans believed that Gods did visit Earth, interacted and even bred with humans. All over the world, it was believed that "fairy beings" visited, interacted and even sometimes abducted humans. Of course, there is also a wide variety of religious text that tells of various Gods, demons, angels and so on making contact with humans.

Here in the western world, we treat abduction and contact like it is something new. Indeed, many skeptics question why people weren't reporting such things happening say prior to Betty and Barney Hill, but in truth, people have reported such experiences throughout history. The only difference is that they didn't think of the beings as ETs. They came up with their own conclusions based on what they knew of the universe, just as we do now.

I am not quite sure how someone looks back over history and realizes this has always gone on and yet choses to not think that there is something going on there. It is unlikely that we would ever figure out exactly what is going on, but it seems silly to deny that there is something going on.

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