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Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !

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Cursed or Just Plain Weird?

I assume a lot of people, but not everyone, saw Ancient Aliens last week. It was an episode called "Aliens and Evil Places" and was very interesting. Although I am not entirely sure that all the places mentioned had any real connection to aliens, I still thought it was one of the best episodes so far.

I know, in the past, I have written about cursed days (days where you should have just stayed in bed because anything and everything goes wrong), but are there also cursed places? There very well could be. Of course, it's likely they are not really cursed - there is probably something a bit more explainable going on, but nothing we are able to fully explain yet and so we explain it using the term 'cursed. '

We could just as easily say there are blessed places. Places where most people feel at peace and happy. They exist too.

However, back to curses - A couple weeks ago I had a very odd encounter or encounters. I was at my nearby grocery store, Albertsons. I got out of my car and was walking towards the door, I see this older lady walking towards me so I slow down turn and look at her. She totally ignores me, so I figure that she is walking in that direction for some other reason. She catches up with me and seems to be about to crash into me, so I stop. She starts mumbling, almost whispering, in Spanish right into my ear. Seriously, not more than a couple inches from my ear. My Spanish is not that good, but even if she had been speaking English I would not have known what she was saying. So I turn to ask her what she wants and she totally turns in the other direction, like what had happened had not happened and she walks off. I look to see if maybe she was talking on a cell phone (the only explanation I can come up with), but she has no phone. So, right then, I am thinking she is one of those weird homeless people that are desperately in need of help, but canít get any.

I go into the grocery and she is following me. I turn and look at her again and she looks in the other direction. I stop to pick up a cart and she is once again very near, like within a foot and mumbling in Spanish again. So I swing the cart around and leave quickly. My first stop is the produce section. I have pretty much totally forgotten about her and am concentrating on what I stopped there for. I stop to pick out some sort of veggie or fruit and there she is again! She is once again right at my ear, just inches away and mumbling in Spanish! Same thing as before - I turn around to ask her what the fuck she wants and she quickly turns and speeds away. By that point I am kind of freaked out by her and I grab my cart and race through the store to finish my shopping.

I am lucky enough to not encounter her again while shopping. I only have a few items and when I am ready to check out I survey the lines. The regular lines are somewhat busy, but the express line has only one person checking out and one person waiting. Guess who the person waiting was? Yep, the old weird hag. Still, I am considering that line because I could get out of there sooner, but, before I decide to switch, a couple preteen boys get in behind her. She turns, gives them a really dirty look and says something to them. I have no idea what it was, but they turned pale and totally left the line and went to one of the long lines. When they got away from her they both were looking and pointing at her and laughing, but they had looked truly frightened when they had been near her and she said whatever it was she said. Obviously they were scared enough to leave that line and go to a longer one.

I decide that I donít want to get in line behind her and choose the next line. It actually goes pretty fast and I end up being rung up at pretty much the same time she is. I can hear her talking to the cashier and sounding perfectly normal. She asks if she can bring back her bag of chile to be roasted the following day, he tells her yes the roaster is there until 5 pm and she is very happy about that. Nothing odd in the conversation at all!

She gets out of there a little while before I do. As I leave and am in the parking lot I'm kind of worried that something weird will happen with her again. I look for her and she is getting into and drives off in a newer model Honda - not some crazy homeless lady! She drives right by me and kind of gives me a dirty look.

I was so freaked out by this that when I got home I posted a very brief summary of what went on at Facebook. Several people felt that she was a Bruja (witch) who was trying to curse me because she didnít like the ďlightĒ I carried within myself.

To be honest, I do feel that she was trying to curse me and I have no idea why because I donít really think I have that much light within me. Whatever the reason, judging by things since that happened, it was a total fail for her, if that was her intent. I always have some sort of warding charm with me - even though I donít believe in such things. :-D

Yeah, or she could have just been an old lady with some weird mental problem. I will probably never know.

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  • Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !