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Grey Matter

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Spitting More Venom at the MSM

Unless you follow such things on the Internet, you would probably never know that there was a press conference last week which included members of the military testifying about UFOs and their interference with nukes at military installations.

The press conference was organized by Robert Hastings and Bob Salas and, frankly, I expected at least some TV news coverage. You know, CNN, MSNBC and Fox?

Obviously, I was not up at 9 am to watch it live. The only mention of it during that day (that I have been able to find) was between CNN's weatherman, Chad Myers and some female news anchor that I think was filling in for Rick Sanchez (who has since been fired, but that is a different story). It was just the sort of horrible, smirky dialog that we have come to expect from the MSM and it was also quite clear that neither of these people had actually watched even 5 minutes of the conference and had no clue whatsoever about what had went on.

While I would love to blame some government conspiracy for why these type of things aren't given coverage and, when they are, it is in a silly story of the day way, in most cases, I don't believe it has anything to do with the government, at least not directly. I think of these people (can't really call them "reporters," more like "news readers") are full of self-importance and actually think they are some sort of all-knowing celebrity. To them, if there were really UFOs, they would know about it. Since they don't know about it, there must be no such thing.

Also, I am sure that floating in their minds is the thought of being taken seriously and they perceive that UFOs aren't taken seriously. Perhaps that is where the government conspiracy lies. After so many years of denying UFOs and saying they shouldn't be taken seriously, they no longer have to overtly try to control the news media to not talk about such things. After all, many so-called reporters might be hoping for an interview with a well known political figure and if they are seen taking crazy stuff like UFOs seriously, then they might not get that interview.

Although, you would think they would at least care about ratings, after all, UFOs are a popular subject and whether someone believes they exist or not, they will normally stop to watch a story about them. They spend hours a day reporting on celebrities and other worthless topics to raise their ratings, but they can't spend 10 minutes at least somewhat seriously discussing what might have went on with UFOs and Nukes? Is Lindsey Lohan really more important than the security of US nukes? Judging by their news reporting I have to assume that they think she is.

So maybe that is the way to solve this news blackout. If we get celebrities like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton to come forward and say that they have seen UFOs they might get reported, probably not in a serious way, but they would get lots of coverage. Remember Kucinich during the election? OK, maybe that isn't such a good idea.

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