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Grey Matter


Disclosure and The President

As I watch people into the Disclosure Movement make predictions on who will be the best President in regards to who may disclose UFO information, I am amazed. These people have way more faith in the government than I do.

This is my way of thinking -- anyone who gets so far as to be the nominee of their party is already bought and sold. They are DIRTY or they would have never come so far. Since I like Obama better, I would like to believe that is not true about him, but I still do.

I voted for Bill Clinton twice. Bill Clinton disappointed me sometimes. Waco is a very good example and what he most disappointed me on. Those pardons as he was leaving office were also inexcusable. There were other things that slip my mind right now, except that we may not have been in this economic mess but for decisions that Bill Clinton made. He and his administration pushed to have loans given to people who would, by most credit standards, be considered unqualified.

Since I did not vote for George Bush, I do not feel disappointed by anything he has done. Things have gone as I had thought they would with him ... only worse.

So I know that whichever guy I voted for I would end up in some way disappointed. Obama, to me, is the lesser of two evils. It is likely he would do less that would disappoint me, but, in the end, I would still be disappointed.

So let me say this to disclosure people right now -- you will be disappointed. There is no doubt in my mind. Oh, possibly you might make some baby steps towards disclosure, but whoever the President ends up being, you will not get any real disclosure. Also, I really think certain people within the Disclosure Movement give the President credit for having far more power than he actually does.

Oh, they may have power in so far as starting wars and other horrible things, but disclosing secrets? No. They have no real power that would force any agency within the government to disclose anything that was consider National Security. Do you really think the NSA, CIA and whoever else gives a crap about the President wanting to know about UFOs? We have been shown several times now (Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, at least) that they don't. All they have to tell the President is that these are secret military projects, national security is involved and they clam up and suddenly forget they ever wanted to know.

Disclosure will never come through or by the President.

In my opinion, the only way it will come is if the visitors themselves decide they want it. Maybe ET (or whoever) doesn't want to be disclosed? They could do it easily enough and they don't. Maybe their plans are different than ours. Sure it is easy to blame on the government, but the visitors have the power at any time and still only give us vague glimpses.

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