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Grey Matter


Post Script to "Exempt From Disclosure"

OK, so I was just sitting here looking over my Grey Matters from last week and a few things just struck me.

First and foremost, according to Doty, they were sending messages to and receiving messages from the EBE just about 2 miles away from where I live at Manzano Base. Are they still doing that? Do they send messages like “Fly over Lesley’s house, but make sure to disappear when she comes back out with her camera.” Just for something fun to do. Or what about that time I was taking a walk in the big snow storm and the entire sky lit up above the clouds in a huge perfect circle? Was that some kind of joke just for me, them knowing I would be the only person out walking around at 3 in the morning and since the highways were closed there would be nobody else to see them? Probably not, but “they” did seem to like playing jokes on poor Bennewitz, so I am not sure.

Second, again according to Doty there were those live EBE at Los Alamos. I have been to Los Alamos dozens of times and now every time I am there I will be wondering if there is a EBE just across the fence line in one of those buildings. I will also be wondering what a certain family member of mine who works there may know. I doubt he would tell me if he does know anything, but there must be someway to pry it out of him. I will have to think on that one.

Why do the EBE like New Mexico so much? Is it the great weather, balloon fiesta, Lesley, the mountains, the desert, the longest tram in the US, the 2nd largest state fair, our delicious native foods, or do they think it will be easier to fit in due to our multicultural environment? Perhaps they are still visiting their friends, the Hopi tribe, and imparting wisdom which is never shared with us less fortunate peoples.

Also, what is wrong with them that they would prefer strawberry ice cream over chocolate, jamoca almond fudge, or chocolate mint? Strawberry ice cream for me is chocolate ice cream containing strawberries, maybe that is what Doty meant. Why would they want to hang out at LANL? I mean, I am a geek, but compared to those at LANL I am probably totally cool.

There is a point in that, believe it or not. Maybe the EBE should get to know some regular people. I don’t mean only by beaming them up to their ships and using their probes and sticking them with needles, but really get to know us. If they are judging us all by the people at LANL and in the Government (like Doty) we are really in trouble. If they promised that no needles would be involved they could come over and stay at my house a while, play with the dog and cats, meet the family and I would fix them some much better food than they will ever get out at LANL. Not only can I cook New Mexican, but I am also a expert at southern greasy foods being that my family is originally from the south (if it can’t be cooked in butter and smothered in gravy, why bother?).

We could listen to some classic rock music, drink some wine, they could help me update my blog with great insight into EBE and their technology. It would be fun for all, I think. The best part is they would actually get to know a real person, not just some scientist at LANL or Government official trying to pump them for info on how we can continue to be the most powerful nation on earth. I could tell them all the mundane things that normal people think about. Share with them all the gossip in the National Enquirer and Star about Brad, Jen, Angelina and Vince. We could listen to c2c and laugh at all the silly things the guests that go on there come up with. They would probably be shocked to find that I have no interest in whether or not they can help me develop some weapon to be able to better destroy my enemies. I think they would have a whole different opinion of earth. I am not entirely sure it would be better, but it would be different.

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