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Grey Matter


Happy Halloween !

Halloween has to be one of the greatest things about America. What a lovely holiday it is ! The Mexicans have the day of the dead which is also fantastic, but there just isn't enough candy involved and everyone that dresses up seems to have the same skeleton costume. Really I don't think it is actually Halloween itself that I love so much, but rather my ideal of it.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Sure you get more stuff at Christmas, but you don't get to dress up in spooky costumes, though some will accuse me of doing just that, but I swear I didn't think my outfit was spooky at the time.

When I was a child, there was the candy to consider, but if there has been no candy I would have still loved Halloween. There was nothing I loved more than dressing up in costume, normally a witch, but sometimes something different and pretending to be something I wasn't. When you are a child you are pretty much powerless, so to dress up and pretend to be something of great power, like a witch is especially exciting. Then you would get to run around your neighborhood, after dark, in search of candy! While out you would see all kinds of ghouls and goblins and even though you knew it was other kids, just like you, you couldn't help but have a excited nervousness on that night. You expected to see a real ghost or some hideous apparition and if you had seen one, it would have been perfectly fine because it was Halloween and for some reason even though you know such things are out in full force on that night, it is natural and you really don't fear them, or at least I didn't.

Now that I am older I have a bit different ideal of Halloween. I don't really expect to see any ghosts or don't expect it more than I would on any other night, instead it seems to awake in me a longing for ancient times. I feel I should be gathered around a huge bonfire, druids on all sides, all of us dancing and chanting in the mist that surrounds us. Spirits would rise out of the smoke and tell us of fantastic things of other worlds and of the future. I think I felt this as a child and did not understood it fully. Yes, the pagan in me comes out in full force around Halloween. Somewhere in my blog is an article about DNA and how it may record the memories of your ancestors. I fully believe in that concept and have since before it was an actual concept in the western world. No doubt I will write more on that and what I feel was my confirmation on that in the future.

So was there was a very powerful ancient religion that knew far more about the earth, the elements and even other dimensions than I, any modern person or religion ever will? Likely, at least to me. Was this due to some sort of hallucinogenic drug, as Graham Hancock suggests? Quite possibly, but I doubt that is the entire story either.

So I believe that the ancients had more power than we would believe and that the night we call Halloween was very important to them and probably for very good reason. It is sad that we don't fully understand it and will probably will never understand the full importance of what we call Halloween. It could be somewhere in our DNA, but to fully access it is probably impossible, at least now.

So what will I do on Halloween? Nothing terribly exciting. I will probably be seen escorting my little niece and nephew through the mall, in search of candy. Auntie Lala dotes on them. Probably I won't be wearing an actual costume, but instead will tip my hat to the goth look. After that, Britton and I will come home and sometime during the night we will be drawn to go sit outside and stare at the sky. We will both be thinking of bonfires and longing for ancient times. Neither of us will be able to say exactly why, Lesley could give her crazy DNA theory, but she won't. She will just sit there in the dark and stare at the sky.

To everyone reading this, may you have a dark, misty, spine tingling and very happy Halloween!

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