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Grey Matter


Tricksters and Angels

I never really realized until I was older and had been out of there a while, but there was something wrong with the house I grew up in. I believe there were entities in it. Not necessarily ghosts, but some sort of force.

Every so often, you would be walking through the house and run into a cold spot which would literally send shivers down your spine. They were not always there and they did not occur in any particular place. They could happen anywhere including right in front of a heater that was blowing out hot air.

Then there were the disappearing items -- especially keys, but any relatively small item. You could put the house keys in a certain spot and be sure that you put them there, but when you went back for them they would be gone. You would end up finding them somewhere that you were absolutely sure you did not put them. Disappearing things seemed to happen on almost a daily basis.

The house belonged to my grandmother and it was brand new when she and my grandfather purchased it in the 1940's. No other family had ever lived there. Nobody died in that house, although my grandfather and mother passed away in hospitals while the family was living there. Still, I don't feel that these things were caused by either of their ghosts wanting to play tricks on us.

It is impossible to know what had went on in the spot in the time previous to house being built. For all I know Conquistadors, Native Americans, Mexicans, Cowboys all could have set up camp there, fought there and died there.

This entity or entities never caused any true harm that I am aware of. It just seemed to like to play tricks, so I guess that would make it a trickster.

The funny thing is that I never thought there was anything different or strange about my house as a child. It wasn't until I was an adult and had been out of there for a while that it dawned on me that things that I put down no longer seemed to disappear and that not all houses occasionally have cold spots.

A bit of a different tale that happened in that house -- beings were seen by my grandmother once, but I do not believe this had anything to do with the trickster.

My grandmother woke up in the middle of the night and needed to use the bathroom, she got almost to the hall door (which was open) and stopped in her tracks. There in the hallway were two men, pacing the hallway to and from my mother's bedroom door. According to my grandmother one was an old man, the other young and they looked very worried. She turned around and went back to bed, when she got up again later they were gone.

My grandmother told me this the following day and even though I was a child of about 6 years I have never forgotten that story. Probably because it scared the crap out of me that these strange men were in our house, even though my grandmother thought they were good beings -- angels. They didn't sound like angels to my six year old mind, they didn't even have wings!

Although, everyone in my family knew my mother had heart problems due to having rheumatic fever as a child, nobody knew exactly how sick she was or that she would soon die. Well, except apparently those beings knew that, why else would they have been pacing in the hall?

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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