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Holographic Ghosts ?

Almost Halloween and time to tackle a topic that I havenít done before - ghosts.

A strange thing : Among my favorite guests on c2c are Brendan Cook and Barbara McBeath from the Ghost Investigator Society. The strange part about it is that I donít really believe in ghosts, but since it is nearing Halloween I thought I would explain a bit of what my theory of ghosts is.

I believe that in many places where an extremely traumatic event occurs, the emotion from that event creates a recording in time which is played back at times when circumstances are right. For instance, if I were dead the last place I would hang out would be at the cemetery. I believe the voices and images people may hear and see in such places arenít ghosts, but are recordings of the extreme sadness and emotion of someone who had to bury someone they loved there.

Letís think for a moment of the theory of the holographic universe. A holographic recording medium could have a infinite amount of space which could be recording everything. The way we record holograms the brighter and more powerful the laser the brighter and easier to see the image, perhaps with the holographic universe the more dramatic and emotional the event is the easier it is to see. Again with a hologram it needs certain conditions (light) to be able to view it at all, the kind of holograms we may see normally need a specific light and a specific angle to see it clearly, so maybe the reason we donít see ďghostsĒ all the time is that certain conditions have to be met in order to see or hear them because they are not actually entities, but a recording.

At places like Gettysburg, perhaps, it serves as a warning that something so horrible and tragic happened there that it should never be forgotten, lest it be repeated.

I donít really have any proof of this theory, but I do notice that in a awful lot of reports of ghosts they are always doing the exact same thing. Like a recording playing back over and over to different viewers. Castles where the same ghost is always seen walking down the same hallway, to the same room and looking out the same window. Graveyards where the same ghost is always seen walking near the same grave and then disappearing. Rooms where voices are always heard crying and saying the same name, over and over.

Are the ghost hunters who claim to communicate with the long lost dead really communicating with someone or are they just somehow able to access a recording of emotions and translate what they think it is conveying?

I do believe there could be true ghosts that are lost souls wandering the earth that for some reason do not want to believe they are dead and move on, but I believe this is a very small amount, if any. There could even be brief visitations by loved ones to just let us know they are OK, but mostly I believe and trust that they move on to something better and do not wander the earth for eternity.

Being that I actually believe in this recording theory then that would probably mean that we all will leave some sort of impression on this realm before passing from it. Maybe hundreds or thousands of years into the future, humans will learn what conditions are needed to play back this recorded history and so we will all be leaving a little piece of ourselves for the future. Hopefully whoever they are in the future will learn how to play not only the tragic emotional events, but the happy joyous events too.

Just something to think about.

Wishing everyone a fabulous, spooky and overflowing with candy Halloween!

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