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Grey Matter


No Spaceship, No Excuse

So October 14th came and went and there was no sign of a giant spaceship, of any sort, hovering in plain view on that day, let alone for 3 days straight.

Blossom Goodchild gave a non-excuse excuse. She basically said that she didn't know why it didn't happen, but that it will happen some day. Yeah, just about anyone could have said that. As I wrote at The Debris Field there are only 3 real excuses to me:

1. The person making the prediction is actually crazy enough to think some beings from somewhere else are communicating with them when they are not.

2. The person making the prediction has a desperate need for attention and is a liar.

3. There are really beings communicating with them, but they enjoy lying and making fools out of stupid humans that listen to them.

The money angle (trying to sell a book or whatever else) falls under #2.

To me, though, excuse #3 is the most interesting. I am not at all suggesting that is what happened in this case, but maybe it does happen sometimes.

There is a term I have heard used (mostly by Christians, but also others), it is "testing the spirits." It is how you tell a good spirit from a bad one, or an angel from a demon.

Basically you ask these disembodied voices, or even visible entities various questions (a Ouija Board could be used) and if they tell you things you know to be lies or that you later find out to be lies, then you have nothing further to do with them because they are not beings of light.

For the sake of this article, we will just pretend that the seers I mention do actually communicate with beings from another realm.

Aside from Blossom, Lori Toye comes to mind. I listened to her (and many other such people) lay out the doom and gloom that would befall the planet in 2000. None of it happened and yet Lori (and I am sure others) continue to listen to these same voices. I find that unbelievable. Anyone who has ever had a friend that lied to them over and over would eventually, and usually fairly quickly, wise up and stop believing them.

Another thing that bothers me is that just because these beings are not humans or not from the earth, we are supposed to believe that they are more honest and good. It seems to me that folklore from around the world suggests that there are a variety of beings and not all of them are good. Many of them may be neither bad or good, but they like to trick humans -- tricksters. The Federation of Light is more likely the Federation of Liars and if I were Ms. Goodchild I would be checking around for other beings to channel.

Fear not prediction lovers, because Prophet Yahweh is predicting the spaceships to arrive sometime before Nov 11th. He will be personally calling them down on Halloween at noon. He is supposedly setting up a website for so we can watch it live. So what happens in Vegas may not stay in Vegas. But if nothing happens in Vegas does it still stay there?

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