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Grey Matter


Chemtrails and UFOs Again!

The summer here in New Mexico passed by pretty uneventful, so far as strange sightings go. On the lovely fall day of October 8, I knew that had changed. I walked outside to find a huge X in the southeastern sky and all manner of trails over Manzano/Kirtland Air Force Base to the southwest. To me that is a sign that I will see something strange. The last time it happened I saw an orb floating merrily across the sky and got a picture of one. There are also dozens, if not hundreds of ufo photos that give evidence that often times "chemtrails" and ufos go together.

I hate to use the word chemtrail because I am not sure what they are, but I want to distinguish these trails from the regular contrail. Chemtrails for the lack of a better word, stay in the sky for hours. The X in the sky that day never faded, it eventually moved behind the mountain, but it was still an X and in the hours I could still see it, it never lost it's shape or faded. Other planes went by leaving contrails that faded within seconds.

I had hoped that I would see an orb again this time and get some pictures. I didn't see any orbs, instead, just as I was about to give up hope a white cigar shaped object showed up. I got both pictures and video of it. It was not the first time I have seen an object like that recently, it was the third time, but the only time I got it on film. I also know two other people in Albuquerque that have seen it and they are not "ufo" people. On the video it looks like a white orb, but it wasn't. The pictures give you somewhat of an idea of the actual shape, but they are a bit blurred, probably I wasn't holding the camera steady enough.

I don't know what these cigar shaped objects are and I certainly am not saying they are piloted by aliens, they could well be military. I suppose they could be an advanced blimp of some sort. They make no sound, at least that can be heard from the ground. In length they are seem to be at least as long as a passenger jet, but the body is a lot thinner.

Once again, I am left with the question of why these things show up when there are trails, especially X's. What is their relationship with the trails?

First and probably most obvious is that it is the military doing some kind of testing of the trails in these crafts, or maybe they make the trails in an effort to hide their advanced technology crafts that they are testing.

Second is that these crafts are piloted by beings from elsewhere and the X is how they are told where to go. Maybe the trails are a code of sorts, X tells them one thing, straight lines another, a series of lines tells them something else. Maybe it is a form of communication.

Third is that these are anomalies produced from the trails. Maybe they look like solid crafts when in reality they are gas vapors or plasma produced by the trails. Yes, I do have to think of what the more skeptical would say they are. We have to consider all possibilities.

I am sure there are many more explanations, but those are the ones that immediately pop into my mind.

I also must comment on the object that races by the cigar object at a very high rate of speed in my video. WTF? I have no idea what that was. I didn't see at the time. It obviously was nothing in the very front of the lens, like a dust spot, because it goes behind my house. There was no wind blowing to blow something across like that. I have looked at the 3 or so frames it is in and it is no bird. I don't think it was a camera anomaly because as I said it goes behind the house. So I haven't a clue what it is, but whatever it may have been was REALLY fast. I have seen a lot of jets from KAFB in shows and just flying over on any given day, but none of them come anywhere near equaling that speed.

My advice to anyone wanting to see a ufo (unidentified flying object, not necessarily piloted by aliens) is if you see an X in the sky, get out your camera. You may well have luck with any sort of "chemtrail." I picked up several things in my photos that I did not see with the naked eye, one of them was over infamous Manzano Mountain. So even if you don't see anything, take a few photos, it couldn't hurt.

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