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Grey Matter


The October 14th Surprise?

It was pretty easy to decide what to write about this week, because I knew that Grey Matters would be posted on Oct 14th.

Those of you that don't follow Ufology news may have somehow missed the story, but according to a medium, Blossom Goodchild, the Federation of Light has told her that they plan on sending a huge craft to hover over Alabama on October 14th.

Luckily, Alfred Lehmberg (my good friend and ufo mag columnist) lives in Alabama and I am expecting him to be blogging updates at UFO Magazine, should anything actually happen. Likely Alfred will end up having a relaxing day playing guitar, creating artwork and writing poems.

Having been through this same type of scenario many times I have no faith that anything will actually happen. It would be awesome if it did though and so I will keep my fingers crossed.

I was ready to dismiss the entire thing, but I went to a little Ufology get together last weekend and a couple people brought up the strange timing.

Blossom predicted this back in August and certainly could have no idea what sort of day Oct 14th would be. Given the financial problems here in the US it could be a very bad day. I write this on Sunday night and have no idea whether tomorrow will be a very black Monday (maybe the blackest Monday), so far as stocks and the economy.

I am not saying that a huge ship will hover over Alabama for 3 days, just that the timing of the predicted event is curious. Nothing would take people's minds off the economy quicker than a giant spaceship hovering in clear view of millions of people and the media. If it did, it would leave myself and others prone to conspiracy wondering if it was indeed the Federation of Light or some kind of government trick.

Just for fun -- Do you think the debate between Obama and McCain would still go on if such an event occurred? Would they debate with a giant spaceship hovering over Alabama? What would they say about it? Nobody is going to listen to McCain talk about earmarks or Obama talk about health care when there is a giant spaceship, so they would have to talk about the giant spaceship. Wouldn't they?

Honestly I think the debate would be canceled, though they would both make statements about the spaceship.

It will be at that point that people will be looking for a true leader, someone who has already had experience with spaceships -- Dennis Kucinich. :-)

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