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Grey Matter

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Military/Government Hits (Not That Kind!)

Lately, I have noticed a strange trend at my New Mexico LOWFI site: too many visits from various military/government agencies. Mostly, they are from the Naval Information Office, different ones, located at different bases and in different states. Also, they are coming from Homeland Security and a few others including non-military, but suspicious hits from places like Lockheed Martin.

For quite a while, I have received daily hits at The Debris Field from a certain defense department (that for some reason I don't want to mention by name). It is not an American one, although, we do have at least one base, that I know of, there.

I never really know what to make of these hits. Are they just some secretary that happens to be interested in UFOs or are these agencies actually watching my sites on a more formal level?

There are certain things that I do notice, like the Foreign Defense Department that visits TDF daily is mostly only interested in UFOs, but occasionally they will check out a Bigfoot or crypid link. At LOWFI, there were local Kirtland AFB hits checking on a sighting that was actually a weather balloon. So perhaps they just found it funny that people had mistaken it for a UFO. Then, there was Homeland Security reading some articles by Robert Hastings and some of the Naval Information people were interested in Norio Hayakawa's article about the Dulce Base Conference.

Are these people really so out of the loop that they have to find information at my blogs? Possibly they are just interested in what the rest of us think about such things? Again, I am not really sure what to think about this.

Most of all, what I don't understand is why it says who they are in the IP address. This makes me think that it is just some worker interested in UFOs, rather than someone actually gathering information for a Defense Department or the Navy. Wouldn't you think that those types would have anonymous IPs?

Then there is the fact that, lately, they are most interested in my NM LOWFI blog. That makes me wonder if there is something going or expected to go on in New Mexico, maybe something that I am missing. Possibly, it was just that the International Balloon Fiesta was coming up and they were more vigilantly looking for any "terrorist" threat. That said, I don't see what old articles by Robert Hastings or Norio Hayakawa could have to do with that. Then again, we are talking about the military and/or government and trying to figure out how they think is impossible for any sane person.

I don't know the answers, but I do know that it feels kind of creepy. It feels kind of like you are being watched by the government, but, more so, that the government might deem that you are doing something wrong and who knows what they might do then. Yes, it is over-paranoid, but I still can't help but feel creeped out when I see a visit from Homeland Security. Obama may be President, but my mind is still in a Bush world, where a visit of any sort from Homeland Security can't be good (not that things are that different in the Obama world, we do still practice rendition). Not that I don't like hits on my sites, but I think I could do with less of those kind.

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