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Grey Matter


Personal Disclosure

Since c2c wasn’t very inspiring last week I have decided to tell a little about my personal experiences with UFOs or things that were to me UFOs. They are not terribly exciting experiences, there is no abduction or actual communications, but here they are nonetheless.

The first UFO I saw was when I was somewhere around 10-12 years old. I was at my Grandmother's house and she woke me early Sunday morning for church. This was a strange experience due almost more to her reaction than the actual event. Anyhow, I come into the living room and notice the curtains are still closed. This is strange because she normally opens them when she gets up. I don’t open them, but part them and look out to the Sandia mountains.

There I see what is a typical saucer shaped UFO skipping around over the top of the mountains. It was a typical saucer shape with one glaring abnormality, it is red. It is a strange color of red that now I can describe as the reflection of red in a metal. Not a shiny metal like chrome, more like a reflection in aluminum. I had watched a lot of “In search of” by that point in my life and for some reason this didn’t come as a huge shock to me. Though I am pretty amazed by it and I tell my Grandmother that there is a UFO out there. She doesn’t look out, but tells me it is just a weather balloon. I say no it isn’t and to come look at it, then she gets very upset and tells me to “quit looking at it and shut the curtain.” Due to the fact she was angry I did shut the curtain which remained shut until we left for church and it was gone by then. It still bothers me that she got so angry over this. It was almost like she thought that if I kept looking at it that it might come and get us.

The second UFO I saw was while sitting on my front porch one day, looking east. It seemed to be really far away, but it must have been pretty big since I could still see it. It was more of a oval shape and the more traditional grey metal looking color. I must have watched it for 10 minutes and it didn’t seem to be moving so then I decided to go get my camera. This was in the days before digital cameras and I found my camera only to discover that I had no film. So I went back outside and watched it for probably another 10-15 minutes at which time something happened that made me have to go in and when I went back out it was gone.

The third time I have to say was the most frightening. It was about 3 in the morning and there had been a huge snowstorm, but it had pretty much stopped snowing so we decided to go out for a walk. The clouds were really low and heavy. We walked down our road a bit and suddenly the sky above our heads lit up in a huge circle. I had been listening to Bell for quite a few years at that point and I believe that very night he had done some sort of alien/abduction show and I have to admit I was really afraid.

At the same time, however, I was amazed and we just stood there looking at it. We couldn’t see anything above the clouds which is where the light was coming from and there was no sound at all. The light went out and we decided we had better get home. As we started to do this the light came back on and we stood there looking again. It went out and didn’t come back, at least not in the time it took us to get home.

The first thing I did was to check to see if I was missing time and I wasn’t so that was a big relief. As far as I know there wasn't anybody else to see this being that it was 3 in the morning and because of the big snow storm the freeway along with route 66, which both run near my house were closed.

Those are my 3 UFO experiences, though I guess I could add one more though it wasn’t actually a UFO just a strange event in the sky. One night driving back from a town called Madrid which is north from my house the sky east of us lit up a gold color for just a second. There was no streak like you normally get with lightening and no sign of rain. It only happened that once the whole drive and I have no idea what it was, but I suppose it could have been some kind of strange looking lightening.

I have many other strange stories of things that have happened to me that have nothing to do with UFOs and I suppose I will get around to telling them sometime too. Until next time, keep watching the skies.

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