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Art's Turn

Some say I do a lot of griping about Noory, but this time it is Art Bell's turn. I had been looking forward to Art's interview with Roger Tolces on 10/1, about surveillance and yet by the time the first hour was over I was too angry with Art to continue listening for very much longer.

I have been one of the ones who has stuck up for Art even after his 911 "wingnut" comments. It is Art's way to say exactly what he feels and I understand that it is hard to believe the whole 911 conspiracy thing, but the Tolces interview was a whole different thing. It wasn't that Art didn't believe in all the spying on American citizens, it was that he didn't care. In fact, he didn't draw the line on what would be unacceptable until they start putting cameras in his home.

Art is just sure those crazy terrorists are going to kill us all if we don't spy on everyone and limit the rights of American citizens. Never mind that terrorists can do all their planning in Mexico and then just skip across the border. I am not sure what good phone surveillance would do for that. Never mind that if they know we are monitoring calls and email that they will find some other way to communicate. Doesn't that make sense, if they are as smart as Art gives them credit for being that they would just find some other way to communicate?

Art used that over used line of "I have nothing to hide." Having nothing to hide is not the point. I have nothing to hide and frankly I think they would be bored to death with my phone calls and email, but I feel that I have certain rights as an American citizen and one of those is the right to privacy. Also, what assurance do I have that they are only looking for and acting on information that is connected to terrorism? For example, say I am a rich contributor to the Democrat party and they overhear a secret, maybe that I have cheated on my taxes, or that I am gay, what protection do I have against someone using that information to blackmail me? What about in a few years, what if Hillary Clinton is President and I am instead a rich supporter of the Republican party with a few secrets? I think those Republicans who don't worry about such things now might have a whole different opinion if one of their own isn't in office.

Coming back to my right to privacy, no, I don't have anything to hide, but the reason I have private emails and phone calls is because some things are personal to me and I would just as soon not have others listening to my private conversations, or I would be posting it to my blog or blabbing on my cell phone at Starbucks like everyone else. The biggest purpose our Founding Fathers had was to make sure the government didn't have too much power over the people. The Government has a power I don't, they can spy on me, but I can't spy on them and I bet they have far more skeletons in theirs closets than I do.

During this Art Bell show, Art mentioned that certain freedoms had been taken away and then restored after World War 2 and that the same would happen this time. Art is a fool, WW2 was a war that would obviously be won or loss within 10 years, the war we are fighting now I do not believe I will see an end to in my lifetime, or even that of my little 1 year old nephew's life. If they continue to take rights at the pace they are now, there will be nothing left to fight for by the time it is over.

In the past, many countries have suffered terrorists attacks. Israel has horrible terrorists attacks all the time, back in the 1980s and even 1990s the UK suffered bombing attacks from the IRA all the time, there are many more. We here in the US act like this is something new and something that has only ever effected us.

Assuming that 911 is the work of Muslim terrorists, we blame them for killing about 4000 people. We give them credit for being sooooooooo smart, when there is no way they ever imagined those buildings would fall and so many people would die. Seriously, Art Bell thinks the terrorists are much smarter than I do. They got lucky is what I think and we had plenty of information on all of it that could have stopped it before it happened. So it isn't that they are so smart, it is that our "intelligence" agencies are dumb. Now they try to make up for it by monitoring innocent Americans, but if they actually were intelligent they would know who to monitor and not have to monitor all of us. If they are so lost that they don't even know who they should be watching, why does anyone thing they are smart enough to figure out what information is valuable and stop anything from happening in the future?

During the interview Tolces asked why if they are so intent on killing Americans, why don't they just go into a crowded place and start shooting people or bomb it. I have wondered this myself many times. That is pretty much how they do things everywhere else. We are looking for some grand plan like 911, when in truth it wouldn't take any such thing to scare Americans and ruin the economy. All it would take would be terrorists going into a couple Walmarts and either blowing them up or shooting people. Really I think this would have a much bigger effect than 911 and would take no real planning, phone calls or email.

Back to the terrorists, we have all heard over and over again that they hate us for our freedom. So is the strategy of the Government to take away our freedom so they no longer have anything to hate us for? Or maybe that is the real terrorist plan, to make us so fearful that we become just like them.

OK, I will quit griping now and congratulate Art and Airyn on their baby, due in June! I wonder if this will turn out like the baby Suri fiasco? Art and Airyn due to the threats on their lives from the email hoax will hide the baby away and rumors will swirl of how there really isn't a baby, or it is really L. Ron Hubbard's baby. I can only hope so!

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