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Grey Matter


D.B. MIB ?

After commenting and posting a link to a story about the FBI still investigating the D.B. Cooper case I received an email from Tony from San Antonio, it read --

Great "The Debris Field" page. Saw your comment on the Phantoms & Monsters D.B. Cooper post. Is it just me, or do the sketches of D.B. Cooper look startlingly like descriptions of the early, classic Men in Black phenomena? After the New Year renewal of FBI interest in that long-ago caper, seeing the sketches again made me make that connection. An odd, plastic quality about the person in the sketches.

I know that I had not consciously made that connection before, but I think maybe it was in the back of my mind. It was an email that stuck in my mind. You know me, I can think of all kinds of crazy things to go along with that story.

Yes, especially in the sketch where D.B. is wearing sunglasses and black suit and tie, he does look like a classic MIB (men or man in black).

That set off all kind of crazy scenarios in my mind. A rogue MIB and a story akin to the Bourne Identity.

However, even without the MIB similarities there is a story that is just as amazing and almost unbelievable as the Bourne Identity and maybe even more so. It is a story that if you hadn't heard it you would think could only happen in a book or Hollywood movie. Man steals a lot of money, boards a plane, parachutes out and is never caught. In real life, most of us would get to the part where the man parachutes out and think he would probably die or at the very least get caught. Neither happened.

I don't know if D.B. Cooper was really an MIB, but I do know that he probably must have been at least military and very well trained or the luckiest person on earth. He parachuted out of a plane at night! Not even somewhere where there would have been lights to see anything, not that it would have mattered since he couldn't have steered.

Back to the email, there is a plastic quality. He could be almost anyone. I personally have always thought he looked slightly like Bob, of Church of the Subgenius fame. Maybe it is just the hair. Sincerely though, the face in the sketches is so bland that it could be just about anyone, or an MIB. Isn't that what people say about MIBs, that except for their sunglasses they are so bland that they really can't describe them?

So just imagine it, a rogue MIB agent. He has realized the mind control used on him and wants to be his own person. He escapes his government controllers, but realizes that he needs money to survive and to keep one step ahead of them. He robs a bank, hops a plane and then jumps out in the night with his money into the woods never to be seen again.

It all makes perfect sense now, doesn't it?

He is so well trained that he could be anywhere. He could be your next door neighbor and you would never know. He could be the little old lady who lives next to me to the North or he could be the Polish immigrant that lives to the South.

Yes, I like the MIB theory because in my mind D.B. will never be caught or exposed. He is too clever, too suave, just too damn cool for that ever to happen.

Long live the mystery of D.B. Cooper!

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