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NASA Does Lie

Last week, I wrote about the suicide attempt of French Astronaut Claudie Haignere. Luckily it was a failed attempt, but just a few years ago there was a successful bid at suicide by American Astronaut Charles Brady. I do remember hearing about it, but for whatever reason I didn't pay much attention to it. When I was searching for that damn list that I couldn't find last week (and still didn't find) he kept popping up in my search and after reading a few articles I found it was a somewhat strange tale.

On July 23, 2006 -- a person (Brady's girlfriend from what I can tell), called the police to their home on Orcas Island. Now, the news stories I found say that it was a call about a verbal dispute. A verbal dispute? I didn't even know you could call the police about something like that.

Anyhow, the police arrive at the house and are told that Brady fled the house on foot, out into the woods. Eventually the police find him, but it is too late, he is dead. 99% of the articles say simply he died of "self inflicted wounds." Of course, I wasn't happy with that so I searched until I finally found something that said what kind of wounds. He died of self inflicted knife wounds. I assume that means that he slit his wrists, but who knows?

That whole scene is strange itself. The woman and her child had not been harmed, it seems to have just been a verbal argument. Certainly nothing to run into the woods and kill yourself over. Ah, but yes, we don't know how emotionally unstable he was and anyone that kills themselves, no matter the circumstance, must have very deep emotional problems.

The weirdest thing about this isn't the actual suicide, it is NASA's response. They put out a statement saying Brady had died after a long illness. Here is the blip from wikipedia --

While many official news reports state that Brady passed away after a lengthy illness, after NASA released emails related to Brady under the Freedom of Information Act, other sources indicated his death was the result of suicide.

One of Brady's friends at NASA didn't even know he died until months later. He said:

I looked it up online and yes, news articles recounted in just one line. "According to Chuck McCarty, a dispatcher with the Sheriff's Office in San Juan County, Wash., Brady died of apparently self-inflicted wounds"... That was all I knew. I turned to NASA's websites and found one line in his bio "Brady passed away in 2006 after a prolonged illness." It was heartbreakingly vague.


Why did they do that? Likely they thought that it would in some way taint the image of the space program. Whatever the reason it took them over a year to finally admit the truth.

But, there is something bigger than that. I always have people ask how I can believe in conspiracies or why I don't always just believe the official statements -- this is a clear example of why. If they will lie simply to cover up the fact that someone committed suicide, they will lie about anything.

Although, I didn't see any, it wouldn't surprise me if their attempt to cover this up didn't create a few conspiracy theories. Something along the lines of Brady was suicided because he was going to come forward and tell what he knew about ruins of a civilization on Mars. Because of the fact that they have already shown they will and do lie, such theories become easy to believe.

It is the same with all conspiracy theories, they exist because conspiracies exist. Sometimes small ones, like trying to cover up a suicide and sometimes much larger ones, like the ruins of a civilization on Mars. Hey, it could be true.

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