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Grey Matter


Return of the King

I know it is a over dramatic title, but I had to come up with something. Those of you who know me a bit know that I am thrilled at the return of Art Bell! I am truly sorry that such a horrible thing had to happen for him to come back, but I am still happy to have him back.

Some of you wonder what I see in Art. He calls people who believe in the 9-11 conspiracy “wingnuts,” which would include me to a certain degree. That is actually what I love about Art! I don’t think Art is part of the conspiracy, I think he really does not believe a conspiracy exists and he is willing to say it, however unpopular it may be with c2c listeners. Art can only be himself and he isn’t very good at holding his tongue when he gets irritated. Art, unlike Noory (in my opinion), is willing to say whatever it is that he feels without worrying about ratings. Very few people are willing to do that even if they don’t have to worry about ratings.

Art's emotional telling of Ramona’s death and his feelings that Sunday is something that I will remember always. I can think of very few people and no radio talk show hosts who would be willing to be that honest. I don’t think I could do it. Then to move on to Dr Kaku as though that first hour had not even happened was truly amazing. George is right when he calls Art “the master.”

Of course, there was that incident with the police the second hour. I guess a man in Oregon actually thought Art would off himself, right then, on air. While that would have been very dramatic, I don’t see Art ever doing anything of the sort. Besides that Art made it quite clear that he was not willing to leave his kitties, something that gives me even more respect for him since I have 3 kitties myself.

All my happiness at Art’s return does not mean that I hate Noory. Although Noory often drives me crazy with his child like questions, I do like Noory, though I will admit not nearly so much as Art. Without Noory none of the “wingnuts” would be invited on c2c, so Noory serves a purpose.

Then there is Ian Punnett. I am glad Ian will still be around. There is something about Ian I have always liked, though I cannot figure out exactly what it is. You can bet I will be listening to prefeeds on Saturday. I am really looking forward to the brand new c2c show! You never can have enough c2c.

In a perfect world, where I was running c2c (and that would be a perfect world, so I can dream), I would give Art week days and Noory weekends, but I think it is OK the way it is. I can live with it and besides that Noory has a contract.

So in closing, the balance has been restored. I think three is the magic number for Coast to Coast, it is like the trinity and I look forward to Art every weekend, Ian’s new preshow and Noory with the wingnuts.

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