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Grey Matter


Who is crazy ?

I briefly touched on this in a comment I made at Reganís blog, but it has constantly been irritating me lately so I decided I needed to write more about it and get it out of my system. (So much as I can get it out of my system.)

Over and over lately, I have seen comments from the skeptics about how believers in ufos or beings from another world are crazy. But is it only the believers who are crazy ? Are they really anymore crazy than the skeptics ?

I know why I obsess over ufos: it is because I have seen things that I want explained. But why do those who donít believe become so obsessive? Isnít there something pathological about a person who spends their time obsessing about something they donít even believe in? If there were a group of people who believed there were giant purple frogs who wore silk clothing and sang old Beatles tunes, I would think that was ridiculous and I wouldnít waste my time spewing out in angry blog posts about just how wrong I think those people are. I wouldnít waste time rebutting their articles on how the frogs really do exist. Why bother, it is just silliness? So why, if ufologists are so wrong and crazy, do these people obsess over them? Obviously it is because they are the crazy ones. Yes, obsession and especially negative obsession is a psychological disorder.

Some of these skeptics try to mask their disbelief in true skepticism, by saying things like they hate ufologists because their craziness scares away real scientists who would otherwise investigate in a scientific manner, unlike the ufologists. Once these ďreal scientistsĒ investigated they would get to the bottom of the ufo phenomenon. What a load of rubbish!

First off, scientists arenít deciding not to investigate because they think ufologists are crazy. My guess would be that most scientists, unlike many skeptics, donít spent time obsessing over the ďcrazyĒ ufologists. In fact, I would doubt most of them could even name a ufologist if you asked them to. They donít investigate ufos because there is no money in it. I am sure if they were passing out big government grants to scientists who wanted to truly study ufology, they would be lined up to do so and I really doubt a few crazy ufologists would stop them. So my suggestion to the skeptics who want real scientists working on this problem is to start taking donations and saving up money.

Also, I would point out that there have been a number of ďreal scientistsĒ who have studied ufos over the years and they havenít seemed to be any better at getting to the bottom of things than the ufologists.

Skeptics go on and on about how ufologists or believers wonít consider the evidence. They say this as though they normally provide evidence. There is a certain blog out there, which I will not name since they donít deserve the attention, but all they do is whine about the crazy ufologists ignoring evidence and coming to conclusions based on what they want to believe. This blog doesnít even provide any evidence for ufologists to consider, they just gripe that they arenít considering the evidence, that isnít there.

Then there are the skeptics who say they are presenting evidence that all should consider, but in reality it isnít evidence, it is just a theory. Normally the theories these people put forth have no more actual evidence to them than does the ufo theory, but they think everyone should believe their theory and if you donít believe you must be crazy.

Sadly, perhaps we believers donít have the credentials of the skeptics. After all, we donít have a Captain in the Special Secret Services, who almost single handedly fights terrorism, not to mention ufo frauds, on a daily basis. I am referring to skeptic Kal K. Korff, or KKK if you prefer. You can read all about KKK at UFO watchdog and then try to tell me that only the believers are crazy.

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