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Grey Matter


The Year that was - 2005 - What I chose and why

Episode of the Year : Bishop/Doty - I had a tough choice there between the UFO rt and the Bishop/Doty episode. Since I knew I would pick the UFO rt as best UFO episode I thought I would give this one to Bishop and Doty, but really I have to say it was a toss up and I thought both were great episodes.

Guest of the Year : Richard Doty - This was the biggest surprise of the year for me also. After years of hearing about this man he finally makes a public appearance. I find someone who would admit to holding the position of disinformation agent totally fascinating, though not terribly trustworthy.

C2C Regular of the Year (minimum 5 appearances) : Linda Howe - Possibly since I know Linda I may be a bit prejudice. Still I find Linda’s appearances more informative and interesting than others.

Theme Episode of the Year : Loved this episode and have listened to it many times. I hope we will soon see a new one for 2006.

Newcomer of the Year : Peter Levenda - Though I do not feel Noory did at all a good job of interviewing him, Peter Levenda has a lot of interesting facts floating around in his head and hopefully Noory will continue to have him on and he will eventually get some of the more interesting ones out. I do recommend Levenda’s book “Sinister Forces, the Nine” to anyone interested in conspiracy topics.

Richard C. Hoagland Episode/Appearance of the Year : Hoagland/Hufschmidt, moon hoax - Monuments of Mars, $20, Bolo tie $25, Sounding like the sane one for a change, priceless.

Ian Punnett Hosted Episode of the Year : Red Elk - Possibly this wasn’t the best Punnett show, but I was thrilled to have Red Elk back so I didn’t notice.

Pop-In of the Year (1st Hour top of show appearance) : JC - JC for almost a full hour, what could be more entertaining. He came full of great stories too, like Edna running off with a streamlink member to the c2c compound and taking with her 10,000 dollars of the lords money.

The Coaster(see Rules for description) : Eric Hufschmidt - Hufschmidt was advertised as the father of the 911 movement. If he is the father then it is easy to see why Art would refer to such people as wing nuts. I think without a doubt the most insane person to be on c2c in 2005.

Topic Specific Awards

Alt. Science Episode/Guest of the Year : Graham Hancock - I was so happy about the return of Graham Hancock! I just love him and loved hearing about his drug induced experiences.

Alt. History Episode/Guest of the Year : Laurence Gardner and Will Henry 5/10/05 - I would have liked a lot more Gardner and a lot less Henry, but it will have to do.

Conspiracy Episode/Guest of the Year : Jordan Maxwell, 4/19 - Without a doubt my most unforgettable conspiracy episode of the year. First there were all the strange things that went on with Jordan’s phone to add to the atmosphere of the episode. Then it continued on for several days afterward as I and others started receiving all Jordan’s email. Why was his email being sent to me and others, according to Jordan someone hacked him, obviously in retaliation for things he had said on c2c and somehow made all his email go to everyone in his address book. Strange and great to be caught up in the conspiracy.

Ghost Episode/Guest of the Year : Lionel Fanthorpe, Strange and Ghoulish tales, 10/20/05 - I love Fanthorpe and as far as I am concerned no other ghost story teller can hold a candle to him.

Outstanding Accheivement in the Field of Cryptozoology : Loren Coleman - Who else could it be? It had to be the one and only Loren Coleman.

Prognosticator of the Year : At first I couldn’t decide between Dames and SDM, but after doing some checking I decided Dames deserved it far more since he appeared 7 times and Morton only 3.

UFO Episode of the Year : UFO RT - I think this episode was as good as it gets for a UFO episode. It is probably in the top 3 UFO episodes of all time, in my opinion.

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