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Grey Matter


The President's Spaceships

First, I wanted to clear up something that I received an email about.

I know that most of you that know me realize I am a liberal. I use the L word to describe myself rather than democrat because I often vote for independents and libertarians. I am not normally that thrilled with the Democratic Party.

Anyhow I received an email accusing me of stereotyping all and only Republicans as Debunklicans. So let me say for those that don't know me and may have thought that -- it is not true. Anyone of any political party or none at all can be a Debunklican. As most of us know, most ufo/paranormal debunkers lean far more left than right.

That is all I am going to say on that since I have already given that subject far more attention than it deserved by emailing with the person who angrily emailed me about it.

Now onto politically related ufo news --

Once again, a spaceship has shown up for Obama (OK, it may not be a spaceship, but who knows?). You will remember that during a Chicago rally a UFO (meaning precisely that -- unidentified flying object) was caught on film. Also, there were orb photos from the Obama victory speech in Chicago.

Now there is a UFO in a CNN inauguration video. You can watch the video and see a still frame here.

I don't know what the heck that is. Some have suggested a bird, but it seems to be moving way to fast for a bird. It looks cigar shaped in the still frame, but is moving way too fast to make out any detail in the video.

The things is, it wasn't totally unexpected. I read several comments (and blog posts) suggesting a UFO would show up at the inauguration and others that wondered if one would. One was here, but there were others as well.

So what does it mean, assuming it was a alien spaceship? Yeah, it is a BIG assumption.

I suppose there will be different beliefs on that depending on someone's POV about aliens and UFOs.

The people who believe aliens are really demons will probably take that to mean that Obama is the anti-christ or something like that. Those that believe all aliens are benevolent space brothers may think the aliens are giving their seal of approval to our glorious new leader and to the humans that chose him.

Personally, I think if it really was aliens -- maybe they are just nosy. Huge crowds are showing up for something, better check out what is going on. Hey, that is what I would do.

Unlike some of the disclosure people, I do not believe that President Obama is going to make all secret UFO info public. It would be nice, but I am not holding my breath. However, I do believe and predict that over the years to come there will be even more Prez/UFO videos and photos. I am not sure why that will be, but it may have more to do with us and our expectations than it does Pres. Obama or whatever these beings and/or crafts are.

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