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Grey Matter


Inside Bohemian Grove? Not really.

I am a bit slow on things sometimes, so it was just a couple weeks ago that I finally purchased a copy of Alex Jonesí Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove and Order of Death.

I had seen clips from Inside Bohemian Grove from the owl ceremony, or the cremation of care, whichever you prefer, but had never seen the entire thing before. I was quite disappointed.

Every September here in New Mexico, Santa Fe to be exact, we have a very similar event, referred to as the burning of Zozobra (Zozobra.com). Zozobra is also sometimes referred as old man gloom. The theory is, that as Zozobra burns so will all your troubles, worries and cares. The Zozobra burning is a really big event here and has been since 1924. People come to Santa Fe from all over the state to enjoy this event which marks the beginning of the Fiesta.

I have to say the owl ceremony was sadly lacking if I compare it to Zozobra. Our Zozobra is 49 feet high and weighs 1600 lbs as compared to their puny human sized effigy. In comparison their owl ceremony looked more like something done by grade school children.

This is what I found disappointing -

First, after hearing of all the important members of Bohemian Grove for years I expected some of them to be there. If they were Jones did not find them or get them on film. All you see are a bunch of idiotic men at what seems to be some sort of beer fest.

Second, the ceremony itself was just badly done. The guy doing the ceremony was obviously reading from a cheat sheet, he was horrible. He sounded like someone you would hear playing a role in a really bad B movie. I think he probably did have a role in Plan 9. Truly I have seen better preformed Pagan ceremonies here in Albuquerque on the University campus.

Third, I guess I was expecting pure evil and all I got was a bit of paganism, but less than occurs in Santa Fe during Zozobra or just any ordinary day in Santa Fe. I donít know, I guess I expected them to be calling for the blood of babies, but it was nothing like that.

So I sat there wondering what the big deal is.

This is the way I came to see things. There could be truly Satanic rituals taking place with the important members of Bohemian Grove, but this was not one of them. This was like some low ranking Mason ceremony and not at all for the high ranking members. This was just to make the plain folk who pay for their membership feel like they are actually part of things at Bohemian Grove, but they really arenít. I bet not one important person would waste his time going to this.

I donít mean to put Alex down for this, he has some balls to sneak in like that and film, but I also wonder if maybe someone wanted him too. I mean if most people are like myself they will look at the film and think exactly what I thought, which is that it is no big deal. So there ends any worry about what goes on there. Just some silly burning ceremony like many that take place all over the world and some overzealous reporter trying to make a big deal out of it for monetary gain. Just silliness, nothing more. Now people think they know what goes on there and it is just silly little ceremonies. No gay male prostitutes, no policies being decided, nothing more than a silly little owl ceremony and a bunch of drunk men. Of course, they would want us to think that. In my opinion, the high ranking members probably are happy that Alex got in and took video of such a unimportant event.

Inside Bohemian Grove aside, Order of Death was pretty good. It told a lot about the history of the Grove, male prostitutes and other strange occurrences that AJ has learned about since doing Inside Bohemian Grove. I think maybe the fact that Order of Death was so tantalizing and it was the first part of the DVD probably made me more disappointed with the second part.

I do want to stress that although I was disappointed with IBG, I do still appreciate AJís continued work on such subjects. As most of you know, even though I get irritated for his constant hyping of his websites, I always enjoy AJís visits on c2c and Rense and he is one of my favorite guests. So AJ fans do not take my disappointment with IBG too seriously, I really enjoyed Order of Death and would most likely purchase another of AJís DVDs in the future.

Just my opinion from here in pagan Zozobra land.

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