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Grey Matter


My UFO Poll and Tulpas

It was the closest poll I have ever run. The question was --

UFOs and Alien visitors are?
A) A nuts and bolts phenomenon that can be totally explained by science
B) An esorteric phenomenon that will never be totally understood or explained by science
73 (49%) answered A and 77 (51%) answered B.

I even had to think a bit before answering my own poll. While I think some or even many UFOs could be nuts and bolts, I don't think they all are and so I had to answer B. I would have to answer the same way for almost any strange phenomenon, like Bigfoot, Ghosts and others.

I am thinking along the lines of Nick Redfern, Jon Downes and others. Thinking in terms of tulpas. Really any esoteric phenomenon can consist of both. There could be a real flesh and blood Bigfoot as well as an esoteric Bigfoot that is not necessarily flesh and blood or of this earth.

There is no reason that tulpas should be limited to creatures or beings, they could also be machinery and objects like UFOs.

I read somewhere on the internet that the true test of a Tulpa is whether others can see it. Assuming that they can, unless the person who created it in their mind and sent it out has some control over their creation, it is free to wander about.

Since I don't believe that most people who create tulpas even realized that they have done so, it would stand to reason that they have no control whatsoever over the creation. So groups of people could witness a UFO and even take photos and videos of it, but it still may not be made of nuts and bolts or even what humans would consider to be real.

It would be my opinion that the more people who saw it and believed in it the more real it would become. So that something that started out as nothing more than a mirage of a flying saucer may slowly become more solid. What was once an empty vessel may with time, thought and energy contain little green or grey men. It may have been an empty space that slowly begins to contain gadgets and buttons that need to be pushed by the Tulpa aliens. I know, that kind of sounds like a scenario for Lost.

Perhaps one of these Tulpa saucers might crash and the government would show up to take it away and study it. They are left scratching their heads because the alien biology makes no sense and there is no scientific reason they can come up with as to why the gadgets and controls work, but they do or at least did for the aliens. Of course, it would be unlikely for either of those things to make much sense because they would have been formed in the minds of humans who mostly were not biologists, scientists or physicists.

So how would the governments of the world disclose that to the human race when they wouldn't even be able to make sense of it themselves? They wouldn't.

None of that means there may not really be aliens from other places visiting earth, but maybe it does somewhat explain the wide variety of flying machines and aliens that people have witnessed.

It could also somewhat explain the abduction phenomenon. Assuming Tulpas would eventually have some sort of consciousness, they would then realize certain things and one of those things would be that they can't reproduce and also that they are not like other beings, both biologically and emotionally. They probably might want to reproduce and they would also want to figure out how they were different and how they may be able to change that. This could be an extremely difficult task because really it takes people's imagination to create them. Still, every time they abducted someone they could perhaps induce that person's imagination to come up with different concepts that could aid the Tulpas. Perhaps these so called abduction experiments are not really so much medical as they are designed to get people thinking of things the tulpas want and need.

Perhaps I have gone too far with that last part. I did at one time fancy that I would some day be a fiction writer. But honestly, is it really any stranger than some other ufo/alien lore we have all heard? Any stranger than aliens from another world needing to take endless amounts of eggs and sperm for some unknown reason and to do horrible medical experiments that make no sense to any doctor that has ever heard of them?

To me the only way abduction experiences make much sense is if the "aliens" are not real beings. By that I mean that they would have to be some sort of created being, like Tulpas or some sort of engineered being created by a very advanced race.

Back to the poll -- I salute those who actually think the universe makes sense and that everything can be explained "scientifically", but I am not one of you. If my imagination can consider concepts far beyond the "scientific" there is no reason that the multiverse can't.

On a side note I would like to mention that I have yet another blog. Land of Enchantment it is about New Mexico. It will especially be about New Mexico myth, ancient mysteries and esoterica, once it really get going. If you live in New Mexico it will probably also provide you with information on any esoteric event that happens to be going on in the near future. Aside from that it will provide you with content about those of us that are part of the US, but don't seem to totally be part of it -- New Mexicans -- Not "new" and not part of Mexico. It is confusing. Maybe we are Tulpas.

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