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Grey Matter


Lesley's 2006 Coastie Picks

Episode of the Year : Richard Dolan

Guest of the Year : Whitley Strieber

C2C Regular of the Year (minimum 5 appearances) : Linda Moulton Howe

Theme Episode of the Year : Bilderberger Roundtable

Newcomer of the Year : Aaron Russo

Richard C. Hoagland Episode/Appearance of the Year : Robot head

Ian Punnett Hosted Episode of the Year : Phillip Carlo

Pop-In of the Year (1st Hour top of show appearance) : Dan Aykroyd

The Coaster(see Rules for description) : 7/31/06 Hoagland claims to have evidence, unlike ufology

Topic Specific Awards

Alt. Science Episode/Guest of the Year : Graham Hancock DMT 9/28/06

Alt. History Episode/Guest of the Year : Da Vinci Code Roundtable

Conspiracy Episode/Guest of the Year : David Icke

Ghost Episode/Guest of the Year : Brad Steiger

Outstanding Accheivement in the Field of Cryptozoology : Loren Coleman

Prognosticator of the Year : Sylvia Browne

UFO Episode of the Year : Richard Dolan

A discussion of the picks to follow in next week's Grey Matters.

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