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Grey Matter


Premonitions do things their way

I know I always am putting down c2c psychics and remote viewers, but that is because they are always wrong, not because I don’t believe in psychic phenomena.

I am not sure psychic powers exist in the sense that I can ask someone a specific question and they will be able to give me a answer, but I do believe that all of us at times are given “flashes” of the future, or sometimes it is just a feeling we get about a certain situation.

My first true acknowledgment of such a thing happen to me about 10 years ago. I was working at a book store at the time. Book whores often work at book stores because they get a big discount. This bookstore was extremely awesome because not only did you get 40% off all books and other items (music, software), but you also were given a $250 line of credit. Needless to say I probably didn’t actually earn a dime the entire time I worked there.

Anyhow, on with the story. One evening I was sent on break. As normal I decided to head out to somewhere and grab some grub. I got all the way down the stairs from the locker room and was nearing the door when I got this feeling that I needed to go back and get my pepper spray which I had left in my purse, only taking my license and money. I tried to tell myself that it was silly to go back for that, but I was smart enough to do it anyway, even though many times before I had left it without a second thought.

We had to park behind the strip mall that the bookstore was in, so as I walked towards the back there was a man in a car between me and where I was heading. He was asking me where a certain business was, from inside his car. He wanted me to come down and look at the business card he had so I could tell him. I was not about to fall for that because several years before when I was very young I had fallen for the same trick only to find a pantless man sitting in the front seat. I told him to tell me the street, he finally did and I told him where it was. Still, he didn’t leave. I don’t remember what he was saying, but he was trying to keep me talking and I was thinking whether I should run or not. Suddenly he jumps out of his car and is obviously going to try to pull me in. I pull my pepper spray out of my pocket and pull the safety, aim it towards him, ready to fire. He stops, but acts like nothing had happened, says he had better get going or he will miss his appointment, jumps back in his car and speeds off. I cannot tell you how much I thank that nagging feeling for making me go back and get my pepper spray.

The last time this happened to me I didn’t listen as well and I paid the price. Me and my dog Pooka were leaving a visit to “Hobby Lobby” where I had been to purchase a few frames. This was around 8 pm and a week night, there was very little traffic. I neared the green stoplight that 3 cars had just went through and had a feeling that I should stop. I did slow down and I looked very carefully before pulling out into the intersection. Somehow I miss a car coming at high speed and it came through a red light and hit me in my front (engine) drivers side, spinning my blazer almost completely around. At least I listened enough to slow down because had that car hit me right in the drivers side door, I really doubt I would have come out, without at the very least serious injuries and I could have easily been killed. Had she hit further back, Pooka in the back could have suffered injuries or death and hitting my back bumper may have flipped my vehicle. Every time I get the neck aches, or shooting leg pains that I never had before that wreck, I curse myself for not listening to that voice completely, but then I think about how much worse it could have been if there was no voice at all to at least slow me down and I figure that I am pretty lucky.

So I am not sure what I am saying with this other than I believe probably all of us experience some sort of precognition. Still, I am not sure if anyone, however intuitive or psychic they may be could just sit down and answer random questions about someone else’s future. I just don’t think premonitions work that way, they have their own way of doing things. I guess until I see some sort of proof I will continue not to believe in psychics who claim that sort of knowledge. I am not saying it is impossible, just that I am very skeptical.

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