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Grey Matter


Dare to Dream, 2007

Before commenting on my hopes for Coast to Coast in 2007, I decided to run a poll to find out what others like. I know from other polls I have done that most listeners enjoy ufo shows, but I wanted to see what other topic they liked most. These were the choices and results -

Conspiracy - 6 votes
Cryptozoology - 5 votes
Ghosts - 3 votes
Remote viewing and other forms of prediction shows - 0 votes
Real Science (not Hoagie, i.e. Dr Kaku) - 8 votes
Ancient mysteries - 20 votes
Consciousness - 6 votes
Magic, Witchcraft - 4 votes
Skeptics (i.e. Randi, Michael Shermer) - 2 votes

Let me first say, as I always do, that this was not a scientific poll and there could be certain people who voted more than once, but it is as close as we are going to get.

54 people voted and the clear winner was ancient mysteries with 20 votes (37%). That is also one of my favorite topics other than ufos and the one I choose, though I had a hard time because there are several topics listed that I really enjoy.

You will also notice that there is only one topic that got zero votes and that is remote viewing and prediction shows. Proof as far as I am concerned that almost nobody would choose to hear Ed Dames or Sean David Morton if they had another choice.

As always I would hope for more ancient mysteries shows and well as conspiracy, cryptozoology and real science (depending on the guest). Ghosts shows and consciousness I also enjoy, depending on the guest. Magic and witchcraft is really something that for the most part I normally don’t enjoy, but since others seem to I could live with a few of those too. Skeptics, as long as it is a skeptics cage would be acceptable. I find the lone ranting of skeptics incredibly boring, but if it is a debate I find it entertaining.

Onto the guests I hope to hear from in 2007, except for the ones already mentioned in this years “Guests c2c needs.”

Jordan Maxwell is at the top of my list. He did not show up in 2006 and was sorely missed by me, Binnall and others.

More David Icke! There is never enough David Icke, especially not last year when I believe he only made one appearance.

Webster Tarpley, someone Noory hasn’t had on the show and needs to. I just know that Noory would end up digging Tarpley and his conspiracy theories.

Melinda Leslie. Although there are a lot of ufo shows during the year, there are very few abduction shows. After being a frequent guest of the Art Bell show back in the 1990s, Melinda has been totally ignored in recent years. I suppose she could be banned, but I am not sure why that would be. If she isn’t banned, I can’t come up with any good reason as to why she hasn’t been on.

More Aaron Russo. With his one appearance on c2c I became a huge Aaron Russo fan. I want more!

Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock’s old sidekick and a master of ancient mysteries.

Just as I was about to write Frank Feschino down I received an email from Alfred Lehmberg about Frank. Coincidence? I might also add that email was to my Debris Field list at yahoo groups, which is easy to join. OK, back to Frank Feschino, Frank has a new book called “Shoot them down” that came out last year at Filament Books. The foreword is by Stanton Friedman and I have heard nothing but good things about this book though I haven’t read it yet. Feschino is also working on an expanded edition. Both are about the attempts by the military to shoot down ufos. A perfect show and guest for c2c and someone who hasn‘t been on in a long while.

Peter Levenda is an acquaintance and someone who has always been nice to me. Noory has had him on in the past, but only asked questions about his first volume of Sinister Forces and mostly about the JFK assassination. There is soooooooooo much more to Peter and his books than that. I would hope Noory or one of the other hosts would actually take the time to acquaint themselves with Peter and all of his books and theories and then invite him on for an interview.

Enough guest suggestions, since I could probably keep going for pages.

What about the show itself? How could it be improved?

My first and most important suggestion is that Noory never again spend time bad mouthing one guest with another guest, like the incident with Hoagland when he went after Greer. It is just bad taste to do that.

Second, as the poll clearly shows, remote viewing and prediction shows aren’t that popular. I think some cutting back on those type shows would be good. It is fun to listen to Dames or one of the others babble every once in a while, but such shows should be few and far between.

How about some live on site reporting at ufo conferences and other events? I will suggest that Tim Binnall would be great at such a job and that it would be an exciting new aspect of c2c and could probably also be used to improve After Dark magazine as well.

One of my suggestions would have been that Bell return to Pahrump, but since he has already done that I will just suggest that he stay there. There is something just not right and really down right creepy about hearing him broadcast from anywhere else.

Ian Punnett’s show should be left just as it is. I don’t know who lines up Ian’s guest, but they are normally (with a few exceptions) perfect for Ian. His show should remain for fun and let Noory and Bell handle the hard core esoteric stuff in a bit more serious manner. In fact, I would say that my favorite c2c thing that happened in 2006 is c2c live. It rocks!

I am looking forward to 2007 on c2c. There are already a couple exciting things we know about. One is the new c2c TV show, which will hopefully see the light of day on scifi channel. There is also the upcoming birth of baby Bell.

Given all that happened with c2c last year, who could even guess what might go on this year? Will Noory be caught in a sex scandal? Will Punnett admit he has a problem and join AA? Will Bell become a wing nut? One never knows, but let’s hope for the most scandalous year yet on c2c.

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