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Grey Matter


Dare to Dream

We all have hopes and dreams and these are some of my hopes and dreams for coast to coast in 2006.

UFO/Alien episodes, lots of them. Let us not forget that this subject is what made c2c what it is today and I also believe it is what will keep it thriving.

1) I would like to see a 2006 UFO roundtable and I imagine I will probably get that wish.

2) I would like to hear Richard Doty back on either by himself to discuss his life as a disinformation agent or with Robert Collins to discuss the book “Exempt from Disclosure.”

3) More of Stanton Friedman.

4) Linda Howe sticking around for the entire show on her one Friday a month instead of just the first hour.

5) Whitley Strieber to talk about his new book “The Greys,” or the secret powers given by his alien implants, but not about the global super storm or anything to do with the weather. I imagine that sometime in September that wish may come true

6) A Terry Hansen return for a full show.

7) A real crash retrieval conference show this year, not just the first hour.

Lots of Conspiracy Episodes would be nice as well. I would like to see -

1) More of Jordan Maxwell

2) More of Jim Marrs

3) This is a long long shot, but how about Skolnick as a guest?

4) More David Icke

5) Webster Tarpley

6) A conspiracy roundtable

More alt.history episodes, like -

1) Laurence Gardner, without sidekick Will Henry.

2) Graham Hancock dropping in more than once.

3) Steven Sora

4) Peter Levenda to talk about his new book “Sinister Forces 2, A Warm Gun.”

5) Robert Bauval

6) A alt.history roundtable

Others, who I am unsure what category to put in. More of -

1) Steven Quayle

2) Lionel Fanthorpe

3) Another long shot, but more Art Bell. Maybe George could do a few 1 week vacations throughout the year and Art could fill in?

4) Hilly Rose

What I would like to hear less of -

1) Prediction episodes with Dames, SDM, Browne, Hoag and others.

2) Those squishy, icky episodes about how to find your spiritual path and other related spiritual topics. Those are not my cup o’ tea.

3) Health Episodes. At this point I believe we all know what is suppose to be good for us and what is suppose to be bad. The problem is all the bad things either taste really good or are fun and all the good things taste like crap or are boring.

4) Open line Fridays.

5) Hoagland. The science advisor thingie is being way overdone.

6) Noory asking stupid questions. Yes, there are dumb listeners who are wondering the same thing, but why cater to them?

What I never want to hear again -

1) Rebroadcasts of recent shows. There are over a decade of shows to choose from, why pick one from only a few months back?

2) Rebroadcasts of open lines

I also think there should be a new c2c rule. Guests should only be allowed to plug their website, books, DVDs or whatever else they are selling once per hour.

I think I could probably come up with a lot more, but that is what came out right now so I will stick with it.

Until next week, take care.

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