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Grey Matter


Lil' Nikki and the Monkey Barrel of Media Freaks

There I was, in the wee hours of the morning, watching a report about the UFO Press Conference on CNN. Nicole Lapin, the reporter or news reader, who is a nice looking woman (though not as hot as Carmen Electra), said "When you think of people saying 'Oh hey, I saw a ufo,' you kinda think of freaks. I am not gonna to lie to you."

I am not saying that I didn't notice it, but that kind of crap is so common that I just mumbled a few chosen words at Nikki and then totally forgot about it until I saw the cover of the new UFO Magazine.

First off, I will give Nikki a little credit for her blunt honesty. I would rather have that than one of those boring reporters who pretend to be interested and aren't and instead just ask stupid questions that don't really have any relevance.

It has been said by some that Ufologists need to impress the media with facts and intellect, so they don't think we are all a bunch of kooks. So let me say right now that I think the media are the bunch of kooks who are lacking in facts because they do not do what reporters are suppose to do, investigate.

There are many example, but most blatant was their pumping of the White House propaganda about the WMDs in Iraq. They are supposed to not only report the news, but investigate it. Any type of even small investigation that asked questions of people outside the White House circle would have shown that the WMDs story were a scam. Even I knew there were no WMDs. I remember Scott Ritter and others, with good evidence, being on shows telling people there were no WMDs and the media treated them worse than they have ever treated any Ufologist. Perhaps they noticed that if you try to spread the truth, strange things happen to your family members? Like maybe your wife will be outed as a CIA operative? Are they afraid?

Lets continue on this lack of investigation for a while. It is not Ufology that is suppose to provide the media with unbiased investigation, the media is suppose to do their own investigations. Obviously anyone interested in Ufology or debunking is automatically tainted, the media is supposed to provide unbiased investigation. If the media can't take a look some of the thousands of photos, videos and eyewitness testimonies and figure out that something strange is going on, nobody is going to convince them. Just like none of the many knowledgeable voices convinced them that there were no WMDs in Iraq.

That is not to say everyone in the entire media is bad. I am sure that there are some investigative reporters who have started looking into the subject. They probably eventually talked to someone at the Pentagon or some very high place who told them "off the record" something like this, "There are no UFOs or aliens. What people see are experimental US aircraft and to disclose any of that would risk National Security. I suggest you stop your investigation unless you want to risk the security of the nation." No reporter, paper or TV network wants to be known for doing that, especially not in this time of "terrorism" with all the "enemies" of America, freedom, apple pie, mom, Jesus and so on.

Now lets get to the freak part. Who are the freaks? The media has no freaks? Maybe Nicole Lapin isn't a freak, but what about Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage (radio is media, right?), Bill O'Reilly, Nancy Grace and really almost every person that has their own show on TV news channels or radio? Let me mention Lou Dobbs. I know that will break some hearts, but Lou Dobbs is a freak. If you have seen one Lou Dobbs show, you have seen them all. Lou Dobbs whines about Mexicans and how they are destroying America, every show, not much difference.

Also, what is more freaky -- believing in UFOs, even if you don't have enough "scientific evidence" or thinking that Paris Hilton being in jail really effects my life and the rest of America and is the most important thing that you can spend 99% of your time reporting? Fill in Paris with OJ, or whatever celeb and scandal you wish. Isn't it funny how thoroughly the media investigates celeb scandal stories in comparison to the news that is actually important?

Really ... people who have seen or believe in UFOs are the freaks? I don't think so. Look in the mirror, assholes.

Now let me end by saying I grew up when the media did actual reporting. At one time they did try to do it. Vietnam was not like Iraq. They reported real news from Vietnam, they showed the true price of war, dead bodies and all. Though I was a small child, the impact of that stuck with me and I wanted to believe that there were brave men and women in the media who went out in search of such stories and the truth, not that they waited for it to be delivered to them. Perhaps the AP still has a few, but mass media reporting is obviously toned downed to nothing more than celeb gossip and White House press releases. Point of fact, they won't even show the flag draped coffins because the White House forbid them from doing so. When did the media start taking orders from the government? Isn't that one of those things we used to associate with Russia and Communism and used to point to as being evil?

So to all of you who say that Ufology needs to prove it's credibility to the media, I say let them prove they have any credibility to me. What is there to gain from the media? Maybe a bunch of Britney Spears loving freaks who haven't had enough Britney news so they decided Ufology is now their big cause? You think there are freaks in ufology now? Wait until the mass media starts promoting it.

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