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Grey Matter

Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !

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Catching Up

I honestly did not mean to take off the entire summer or however long it has been since I last wrote something for Grey Matters. Things seemed to conspire against me and everything little thing that could go wrong throughout the summer seemed to do just that! That doesn't mean that summer totally sucked, but at this point I won't miss it. It was even hotter than normal and so I didn't feel like spending much time outside looking for UFOs either. Really, I can't remember anything the least bit esoteric happening all summer. Although, Greg and Sigrid Bishop visited a couple weeks ago and brought me a very cool gift: a Flying Saucer Retablo.

Scott Corrales translated it for me and this is what it says:

"I publicly thank and dedicate this retablo (religious image) to Our Lord or Mercy, as one day while returning home a flying saucer appeared in my path. I entrusted myself to him and he kept me from being spirited away by the Martians. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.--Mrs. Socorro Barron, Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato, 12.08.76"

Before the actual summer, spring was pretty good though. Good people were passing through like Adam Gorightly, Travis Walton, Jim Turner, Don Burleson and Greg Bishop (without Sigrid that time).

Myself, Greg, Travis and my friend Jillian spent the eclipse out in the desert at a place called “The Labyrinth” with Jim Turner (of History Channel's Apocalypse Island special). Jim had a very cool solar telescope and gave a special presentation.

So yeah, spring was fun.

As I probably mentioned, I was busy during the summer helping the the second Wake Up Now! UFO/Paranormal Conference, which was suppose to be in August. Well, that did not go as well as hoped and we had to reschedule it for next May. That was one of the summer things that went wrong. Over the Fall we will likely be doing a series of UFO related Webinars with lots of great speakers leading up to December 21, 2012. That information will be posted at the website soon.

So now that summer has ended, even though I may be busy with things related to the webinars and conference, I hope to post Grey Matters a lot more often. I am also hoping my streak of bad luck will leave with the heat. :-)

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  • Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !