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Grey Matter

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Redneck Ufology & The Best Hair on TV

If you read my Roswell edition of Grey Matters, you probably knew already that I was not a big Billy Ray Cyrus fan. So imagine my horror when I came across this article which said:

Achy-breaky Billy Ray Cyrus , 49, is set to co-host a show on the Syfy channel with his 21-year-old son Trace , called "UFO: Unbelievably Freakin' Obvious." B.R. and Trace will investigate paranormal phenomena.

No, I am not making this up.

The article said the father-son team "will travel across the country offering skeptical solutions to many theories."

You can read the rest at the site.

Yes, this is the same Billy Ray Cyrus who is so interested in UFOs that he canceled his appearance at Roswell because he thought that he might not be paid. Oh yeah, such deep interest - NOT!

Aside from that, wasn't it bad enough that he released his obnoxious, pole dancing daughter upon the world? Now he is doing the same with his son? God, I sure hope there aren't more Cyrus children.

Back to UFOs -- what exactly gives them any expertise as Ufologists or skeptics? Are they going to have real experts on or are we suppose to rely on their opinion? Seriously, it is totally ridiculous. What the fuck was SyFy thinking? Were they trying to make UFOs into an even bigger joke than the rest of the media already treats them as? What is next - ghost hunting with Heidi Montag or maybe Bigfoot hunting with Celine Dion?

Taking a step back from my dislike of Billy Ray - I ask myself, is this in any way good for Ufology? At this point, I don't see how it could be, but then again, often times anything (no matter how silly) that draws attention to the subject of UFOs actually does help. Certainly there are people that think UFO Hunters and Ancient Aliens were silly shows and they (however silly someone might think they are) attracted many new people to Ufology. I guess we will have to wait and see how "skeptical" the show is. Possibly, it could have really good script writers and direction and not be as bad as I imagine. Though I am still not sure I could ever take Billy Ray very seriously.

Lastly and kind of a side note -- Ancient Aliens will be returning to The History Channel for a second season! Giorgio will be back and Bill too and I am sure lots of other faces that are known within the realm of Ufology, but no C&W singers. Although, if MysteryQuest returns, maybe we can interest Ted Nugent in a Yeti or Nessie hunt?

Another side note - In preparation for and celebration of season 2 of Ancient Aliens, The Debris Field will be the unofficial (unless Giorgio makes it official) Giorgio Tsoukalos hair watch site.* Will Giorgio revisit what I call the shroom look or will he wow us with a totally new hair-do? Only time will tell.

*Not to be confused with the official Giorgio Tsoukalos hair fan page.

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