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Grey Matter

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Humor, Anyone?

Last week, Leslie Kean appeared on The Colbert Report. Personally, I thought it was fun, it was exactly what I expect from Colbert. However, others didn't see it that way.

Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. People involved in Ufology have proven over and over again that they have absolutely no sense of humor. Still, I was surprised, the next day, to see blog headlines that read such as "Colbert bashes Keen" and "Cobert makes fool out of Keen" and so on. Oh, Lord.

I suppose it could be possible that the people who wrote such posts had never watched The Colbert Report before and that alone is sad. However, are there people that really don't realize that he is playing a role? I mean, even seeing it for the first time -- shouldn't someone realize that??? Colbert is playing Bill O'Reilly in drag, meaning O'Reilly as a man. In this case, he was playing O'Reilly in drag and as the debunkie skeptic of UFOs. I thought he did a great job in the role of debunker, mentioning all the old standbys such as weather balloons and marsh gas.

Why do so many people in Ufology have no sense of humor? Don't they realize this would be more fun for all of us, including them, if they did? There is no reason that Ufology has to be so boring and serious. The rest of the world won't take UFOs any more seriously simply because you do.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that real debunkers should be called on their crap whenever possible and, if possible, in a fun and humorous way, but Colbert does not fit in that category because he isn't a debunker - he is a comedian. Seriously, learn the difference people. No need to suck the life and fun right out of the room. I am pretty sure that Leslie Kean is intelligent enough to have known exactly what she was in for. She must have, because she handled it well.

Not only did she handle it well, but it also totally put back the O'Hare Airport UFO story back on the map. It was all over the internet again on the day following her appearance on Colbert. The "Colbert bump" is a real thing. So, the lack of seriousness cost Ufology nothing and please remember that in the future.

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