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Grey Matter

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Weird Luck?

Have you ever had one of those days where your stars were lined up in a very weird and quite possibly dangerous way? That was my 4th of July.

We weren't going to do anything, but then at the last possible moment we decided to head to Madrid, New Mexico. Madrid has fireworks show each year and isn't crowded like the big Albuquerque events.

Madrid is also an old mining ghost town. That is not to say that nobody lives there, they do. Most of the old buildings on Main Street have been fixed up and are now art galleries and other artsy establishments, along with some cafes. If you have ever seen the movie Wild Hogs, Madrid is the town the guys stop in and you can visit Maggie's Diner and even buy "Wild Hog" tee shirts.

We don't go there that often, but at least several times a year, since it is a good place to spend Halloween, we show up there at the Old Mine Shaft Tavern, which is where we stopped on the 4th. There was pretty much nobody at the tavern and no band, which was strange with the fireworks show going on, but we decided to have a drink and watch the fireworks from the porch where you can also smoke. The inside of the bar smelled horrible, like some nasty chemical cleaning fluid. I always order a house Merlot when we go there and, every time before, it has been really good, but that night it was horrible. I couldn't even drink it and when I can't drink wine, well, you know there is something really wrong. Given my bad drink and how dead the bar was, we decided to leave. We stopped down the road and watched the fireworks for a while and then figured since it wasn't that much further to Santa Fe, we would just go there and see what was going on.

By the time we got there it was nearly 11 pm, since we hadn't left until after 9, and the one bar that seemed to have a band and was lively was also really packed, so we drove around a bit and finally stopped at this other bar in the plaza area there. We went in and ordered drinks, only to find out it was already last call in Santa Fe. Apparently, there is some law that they can't sell drinks after midnight on Sunday. My Merlot was much better this time, but I had only taken about 3 sips and it was sitting in front of me when suddenly it flew into the air and spilled all over. I remember thinking that was really pretty paranormal when I noticed a stinging in my shoulder, for a brief second I thought that I had been shot. Well, I had been shot, kind of. Someone driving by on the street had thrown a large hand grenade shaped firework in through the open window, it had first knocked over my wine and then hit me in the shoulder. Luckily it wasn't lit or it had went out when they threw it. Needless to say, we left pretty shortly after that.

Oh, but the weirdness wasn't over. Traveling the very dark (no street lights or even houses in that area) Turquoise Trail home, we got just south of Madrid when suddenly I look up just in time to see a dark colored vehicle with no lights in the middle of the road if front of us and shout. I am not sure that if I hadn't shouted right then if Britton would have seen it in time to get around it. I don't think, at that point, we even had time to stop before hitting it. Britton somehow managed to swerve around it. We are talking about an old two lane road, one running north and one south, this car was blocking both lanes and he had to swerve onto the shoulder to get around it. There was nobody around the car and I have no clue how it could have come to be across both lanes like some sort of police road block.

Luckily we both made it home alive.

Now I know people often joke about such days and say things like - I should have never left the house or I should have never gotten out of bed. Well, really there seem to be days when you shouldn't. I should have taken the cue from just the very weird seeming atmosphere in Madrid when we stopped there. Something just felt wrong. Next time I feel that way, I am going to make sure to leave wherever I am and drive very carefully home.

Although, it is nice to be able to go home, you still have to be careful, those are also the days where you may find yourself slipping, tripping, falling, stubbing your toe and other klutzy things are constantly happening. Me and my sister Debi used to call them "klutz days." I could say -- I am having a klutz day and she would know exactly what I meant, probably you do too.

I do wonder why some days are like that. Is it astrology, numerology or just some weird energy that settles in a certain area or maybe even with a certain person? I don't know the answer to that, maybe depending on the day it could be any of those things. I don't think calling those days "unlucky days" fits either, since if you lived through it, then you were probably lucky.

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