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Summer Esoterica?

Now I realize why winter exists. I have been having (aside from the smoke and fires) a really great summer. But it's a normal great summer and not the least esoteric, mostly just hanging out with friends, drinking, swimming, drinking, talking, drinking. With the big hot sun in the sky, I find it hard to think very seriously about anything esoteric. Most people complain about the heat, and sometimes I do, but honestly, I kind of love it. Although, I would not love it so much if I couldn't come inside, where there is AC, to kick back and read.

So have I done anything esoteric this summer? Well, I have been reading Wm. Michael Mott's book Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures. It is really very good, with the basic theory being that the things we call aliens, fairies and other out of place creatures, come from inside the earth. I am pretty sure this book predates Mac Tonnies and it makes a really good case for what has become known as cryptoterrestrials.

As with all things, I don't totally agree with all of the conclusions. Frankly, I still believe that at least some "UFOs" could come from somewhere other than earth (not saying they do, just that they could) and I certainly don't hold with many of the religious views presented, but, aside from that, I think he makes a good case for at least most of these creatures being from right here, under our feet.

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that everything in the bible and other religious texts are a big fairy tale. However, I do believe they were written by men with their own agenda and so if they wanted some sort of evil enemy to help with their point - they might just make creatures that live beneath the earth quite a bit more evil than they actually are. Or not, who knows? I won't claim to, but I will say I am skeptical about such things as demons, fallen angels and so on... That is because I know that people often use such things to provide a certain result that they are hoping for. It is like Hal Lindsey saying the world was going to end back in 1984 (or whenever it was), which sold a lot of books for him, whether is was on purpose or not.

Aside from the theory Mott is presenting, I think what I really like about this book is all the folklore about fairies, elves and so on. I really consider myself pretty well versed in such topics, but he put in quite a few things that I hadn't heard of before and it is quite obvious that he really put a lot of research into this book. I appreciate that!

So that is about the extent of my esoteric summer. I may possibly head up to Colorado next month and check out the Bigfoot Museum in Silverton (if it is still open). Or something totally esoteric could happen that I can't foresee - that would be great! As I think I wrote last Fall - Fall and Winter are really the esoteric times of year. That is just how it is, the gloom and early darkness seems to set a mood that Summer just can't match. And maybe for people like me, Summer is a really good thing, it gives us time to spend on something else.

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