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Grey Matter

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We Don't Believe Everything

What can I do but thank Kevin Randle for proving the point that I have made over and over again in this column?

Kevin conducted a poll at his blog, which asked: The Alien Autopsy Film is ... a) real b) mostly real c) partially real d) hoax.

Without any of the usual clowns telling them what to believe, the vast majority still clicked "hoax." In my mind, that proved once and for all that they don't need people to tell them what to believe. Most people in Ufology are actually smarter than certain people give them credit for. Not that I didn't know that, but the people that think they have to pound it into other's heads about who/what is a hoax are just as useless as I had imagined.

One doesn't really need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the alien autopsy film is a hoax, but we all know how the skeptics make it sound as though we all believe any alien/UFO tale that we hear and that we will never admit to anything being a hoax and that just isn't true. We aren't all as crazy as the skeptibunks make us sound.

Here is the result of the poll:
Real - 7%
Mostly Real - 1%
Partially real - 5%
Hoax - 85%

Oh yeah, someone could waste time worrying about the 13% that don't realize it was a hoax, but who knows how many of those were just joking around? Also, how many that said "partially real" only meant that such events may have taken place, not the alien autopsy film was real? Even if they were all serious, 85% (466 people) for "hoax" means that most people get it. As I have always said, if some don't get it (especially the alien autopsy film, at this point) they never will. No, it doesn't matter how much you "expose" it.

You can check out Kevin Randle's blog here. Yes, Kevin took the results differently than I did, and seemed worried about the few that may not think it is a hoax. Although, he didn't seem to take into account the pranksters that may have voted for it being real, just for the fun of messing up his poll. It isn't like it is a scientific poll, if there even is such a thing.

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