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Grey Matter

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Ufology -- It isn't Rocket Science

Almost every day, I read cuts about Ufology. It pisses me off. Except for a few, Ufology is full of people doing the best they can with a subject that a lot of people don't believe in and of which there is very little concrete evidence. They are trying to show the evidence, trying to figure out the truth as best they can, given the circumstances. Most of these people do not deserve the kind of crap they are given, but they put up with it and continue on, hoping for a solution to the UFO enigma.

Obviously, and also luckily, most of us in Ufology are obsessive. Otherwise, we would have very quickly given up having anything to do with it.

At one time, we only had to deal with the debunkers. Now, we have not only them, but everyone in Ufology that happens to have a different theory.

OK, the thing that irritates me is not that certain people are trying to disprove or prove certain theories, but that they paint everyone in Ufology as being the same and sharing the same "other" theory. Ufology only means that someone believes there are unidentified flying objects, not that those objects are flown by aliens from space and certainly not that everyone believes the same thing.

Perhaps I am wishy washy, but I don't believe in any one theory. I actually believe they ALL could be true. I certainly don't see why not. I have been known to believe a dozen unbelievable things before breakfast. Seriously, why does one have to negate the others?

So as far as proving cases, whatever proof there is for a certain case means nothing in the overall picture. That is the reason that those that think they can end "Ufology" or even Skepticism are totally wrong. It would be unlikely that anyone could come up with enough real evidence to prove or disprove an entire genre of events.

It should make me laugh when people think that they can, but their pomposity often just ends up making me angry.

I honestly believe that all theories could be true in some sense and I see no conflict in that. Others are welcome to concentrate on their one theory, but when they try to make it the only theory, that totally irritates me and makes me discount it more than I would if they just admitted that it was one of many. Yes, it is the one thing that makes me look up and think -- this person is totally screwed in the head. Well, look at it in a broad view, here is a person claiming knowledge of something that they have no actual way to know for certain. It doesn't matter if the assertion is that all "aliens" are really Nazis or that all UFOs are government hoaxes, unless they were involved in such a conspiracy and have proof, it is equally as silly.

The problem is that most people never see their theory to be as silly as other theories. They think it is only silly to stupid people, which is totally wrong. The others aren't stupid, no matter what your theory, there are only so many believers without concrete evidence. Forming a group and searching for evidence doesn't count for much. So you may as well stop attacking the others and instead try to find that evidence and be less pompous and admit that you could be totally wrong. Yeah, it may shrink your balls in the short term, but in the long run, if you find no real evidence to back your theory, at least you won't look like such a total jackass.

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