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Creepy Summer

As most of you know, there is a huge wildfire burning in Arizona. What you might not know is that, here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it blots out the sky almost every evening, through the morning and sometimes into late afternoon. It comes in the evening because, as the air cools, it starts pressing it more towards the ground or at least that is my understanding.

We have had smoke from various fires here before, but nothing like this. It is so creepy! Most evenings, right as the sun in starting to sink, you can see it coming in. The setting sun turns bright red, which is also creepy. Even the moon at night is red (when you can see it) and that should really be something once it is full. Not to mention that it is horrible to breath and smell.

Always as I see it coming in the Stephen King story The Mist comes to mind, as does the Smoke Monster from Lost. I almost expect some horrible Lovecraftian-type creature to come slithering out of it and start devouring everything in sight. Meanwhile, I think that somewhere beneath that could be a fleet of UFOs and nobody would ever know.

It also seems to affect the mental state of people. It seems people drive even worse than normal and are generally far more grumpy and rude when it moves in. I kind of wonder if there may have been a spike in violent crimes since this started, but I'm not sure how I would find out.

Of course, there isnít really anything esoteric about it. Likely, it was caused by a campfire and, as much as I love conspiracies, it probably wasnít started by the US government to hide UFOs flying over Arizona and New Mexico.

The reason it seems very esoteric is that we humans like to think that humans are totally in control, but we arenít always. Several people I have spoken to donít understand why we havenít put it out with water drops. I could explain how many water drops it would take to put out a fire that size, but, normally, I just shake my head in agreement - it is easier. A water drop is like pouring a thimble full of water on a regular roaring fireplace fire, it takes an awful lot of those to actually put out the fire.

As far as silly enjoyment, I like the daily reports on it trying to ďcross the borderĒ into New Mexico and how that has been stopped. It is just funny, like fire knows about some imaginary line that is dividing one state from another and afraid to cross over into New Mexico. They actually speak of it on the local news like it is some murderous monster trying to infiltrate New Mexico, which I suppose in a way it is.

Anyhow, letís hope that the sky clears so I can do some UFO watching this summer.

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