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Grey Matter

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New Agey-ness

Recently at Women of Esoterica, I wrote about my love of stones and how I am now experimenting with some esoteric applications for them.

I am enjoying my experiments and I wondered why, given my deep love of stones since back when I was a child and started collecting them, I hadn't ever got into the esoteric aspect.

Well, the answer was easy - I totally know why. It is the new agey aspect of that which has kept me away. Sure, UFOs can be considered new agey, but most people consider them more nerdish or geekish than new agey and that includes myself.

It also doesn't help that I often make fun of a certain type of Santa Fean that I call "crystal rubbers." Santa Fe is a big hub for the new agey people, they move there from all over the world. There is a certain type of woman that is common there, normally my age or older, wearing a long hippyish skirt and blouse (but obviously brand new designer boho, not thrift store boho) with some sort of big stone necklace (probably a very expensive one) and fingers covered with sterling and stone rings.

There may seem nothing wrong with that and upon first meeting these people (there are men too, they just don't normally wear skirts) you would think they are full of love and light. However, after not very long with them you would figure out it is really all about THEM and how wonderful THEY are and how enlightened THEY are. Yes, they know the answer to everything and exactly how everyone else should live their lives because they are so spiritual that they have transcended the little people and are now in their own orbit. As you can guess if you haven't met one of these types for yourself, they are annoying beyond belief. They are every bit as bad and as hypocritical as fundamentalist Christians, quite possibly worse. As you might have imagined, they also have a persecution complex to help make them more Jesus-like. The world is holding back them and their great knowledge and everything bad is the fault of others that aren't listening to THEM.

I have always known that I NEVER EVER want to be one of those people. They so yearn for attention, while claiming they aren't, that they are sad and pathetic and any knowledge they may think they have is obviously not working for them, which is why they don't attract the amount of followers that they think they should have and end up whining to anyone that will listen about how their sage wisdom is being ignored.

Most times, people that think they are "finding themselves" should continue to stay lost. As it says in the bible "all is vanity." I am not saying that I don't have my own vanity, but at least it isn't based on some pseudo spirituality in order to give it credence -- it has no credence, it is just what it is, with no elaborate explanation about how I am really not vain and really just trying to help you and/or the world.

My vanity is purely my own and I don't claim any higher purpose.

Quite possibly these people have their minds focused so much on what they think is the world that they don't realize that it is really just them. All about THEM. So much so that they don't realize that people are actually individuals that most times need to discover things for themselves. They think that their truth is everyone's truth and that just isn't true -- so says my revelation. Yes, believe Guru Lesley when she says -- things, people and whatever can be totally connected and totally individuals with different requirements at the same time.

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