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The Google

Recently, I had another request from a blog commenter (this has happened at least twice before) to please remove their comment from my blog because they are looking for a job and don't want employers to find that comment and think they are crazy. Although I am not normally one to remove comments, in that situation I will.

Yes, it seems rather silly on the surface, until you realize that people have actually been fired from jobs because of their interest in UFOs. Back in the 1990s, there were at least two teachers fired because they had UFO related websites or an interest in UFOs. One of those was my friend Alfred Lehmberg and although I didn't know Alfred at the time, I remember hearing about the story on The Art Bell Show - it actually made the national news.

Someone might Google your name and not hire you for many reasons, not just because you are interested in UFOs. I'll admit that if I googled someone and found out they were a Tea Party member, I would be unlikely to hire them. They would really have to stand out above the rest for me to hire them, because I would know that we do not have anything in common. Well, or very little in common.

So, you see, it isn't crazy that people on the internet sometimes want to be anon or use an alias. I would say out of all the people that do that, there is really only about 10% (at most) that do it because they want to troll and be abusive. The rest do it for actual real life reasons. They don't want their political or other opinions that might turn off an employer or client from hiring them readily available all over the 'net.

We all do it too. We meet someone new and we Google them to try to learn more about them, especially if it is business related. I have noticed that the smartest business people either do not post to blogs and forums or they post as someone else, either way you can find nothing like that about them. All you will come up with for those people is maybe a Facebook account and/or LinkedIn page.

Myself, I take great pride in being the fifth site (The Debris Field) that shows up if you google simply for "Lesley." Only Lesley University and college are in ahead of me. However, I suppose that some day that could bite me in the ass, especially if you search for "Lesley Gunter." However, I am too far along to worry about that, no way I could get all those links removed.

Well, would I want them removed? I suppose that would depend on how desperate I was for a job. Although, I can't imagine being so desperate that I would want to erase what is a big part of my life.

I will take my chances, but have nothing against those that don't wish to.

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