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Grey Matter

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Horrific 2010 Continues

Another horrible disaster -- the leaking oil in the Gulf. As I write this, we are waiting to see if BP's latest "fix it" has worked. Although I have my doubts, I try to stay positive because I so want it stopped! I can't imagine how much sea life has already been killed, not to mention birds and various land creatures where the oil comes ashore. Even if it were to stop right this second, the deaths will probably continue for years. Even for humans living in that area, this will cause health problems for years to come.

The boy wonder, Obama, has been useless. The people that are supposed to be experts on such things have also been useless, at least for the past 38 days. Really, Mrs. Palin, do people still want to drill? I think at least 75% would say "no." Those are the people that DON'T make a living off of drilling or oil companies, unlike most people in the state of Alaska.

This whole thing has upset me so much that, at times, I have reconsidered my opinion about 2012 really being the end of the world. Maybe it is the end, because maybe by then the toxicity of the planet caused by our greed will be so bad that it will have destroyed the entire planet. I don't really believe that, because I am really an optimist, but it has crossed my mind more than once.

I really feel that the entire planet, or at the very least the entire US, should be able to sue BP for pain and suffering.

Now, earlier in the year, we had those horrible earthquakes that killed many people, but at least with earthquakes you can say they are natural and there really isn't anyone to blame (unless you believe various conspiracy theories that are floating around). This is different, because it is a disaster caused by man's greed and incompetence. Not just BP either, but the people that were supposed to keep an eye on them. The appointed watchers were part of the same industry they were supposed to be keeping an eye on. Who appoints wolves to watch the hen house? As far as I can tell, both Democrat and Republican administrations do. Why? Probably because big oil helps pay for those very long and very costly elections.

Most of all -- that has to stop. Corporations funding every candidate on both sides is ridiculous. Yeah, fuck Rand Paul -- corporations should NOT be allowed to run and ruin this country. He said that President Barack Obama's handling of the gulf oil debacle is like putting "his boot heel on the throat of BP." Also, that it is "really un-American." Oh yes, really un-American to expect big corporations to know what they are doing and not kill our American oceans. Why worry about sea life and oceans when BP might lose money thinking about things like that?

You know, I used to think that libertarianism had some pretty good ideas, but not if corporations are suppose to be able to destroy things and any criticism of them or the way they handle things is considered to be putting a boot heel to their throat and un-American. Obama has only been about 2% as hard on BP as I think he should be.

Yes, obviously, at least with the deep sea drilling these people can't be trusted and should be stopped. They don't know WTF they are doing or what to do if anything goes wrong. While that doesn't matter to Rand Paul, it does matter to most of the rest of the human race that would like to live on a clean planet with healthy sea creatures swimming in healthy oceans.

When did Libertarianism sell out to Corporatism?

OK, I will end my rant now, but I am thankful that I got it out there and I actually feel slightly better.

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