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What the Beep?

Ever since I was a child, I have sometimes heard strange beeping sounds. It is not something that happens often, but it is kind of creepy.

About a week ago, I was up very late (or early for most people), and it was around 5 AM when I heard the beeping noise. It was just 3 or 4 beeps, but they were was fairly loud and seemed to come from outside my window. I could have thought I was hearing things, but it even woke the dog up and she was ready to kick some butt. So I go up to the patio outside the bedroom where you can see everything in the canyon. For some reason I had expected to see a tractor, even though the noise didn't sound like the beeping of a tractor. There was nothing going on in the entire canyon, let alone near my house. I looked up to the sky, no unexplained flying object to explain the noise either. Being rather creeped out, I just went to sleep.

The thing about these beeps was that they were not only similar to ones I had heard since I was a child, but also similar to certain phone calls I received when I first started writing for UFO Magazine.

I don't think I have ever told this story in Grey Matters, though I did write about it at one of my blogs. A few years ago, a few months into writing for UFO Magazine I received a strange message on my answering machine. The caller ID gave me no information other than it was from Texas. It was a totally nonsense type of question this man was asking. It really made no sense and the longer he talked the more mechanical his voice became. At the end of the message there were three beeps, which didn't come from my answering machine.

The following day, I received pretty much the same message, caller ID reporting it only as a call from Texas. The person gave a different name, the voice was different, but as the call went on it once again started sounding more mechanical and again the same beeps at the end of the call.

Bad cell phone reception, someone purposely trying to freak me out or something else? I don't know. If not for the beeps I probably would have totally forgot about it.

I sometimes think, for no real reason, other than maybe because they remind me of an alarm clock, that these beeps are suppose to remind me to do something or remind me of something. If they are, I totally don't know (at least consciously) what that is. For some reason, they totally freak me out. I was freaked out about those phone calls for weeks.

Yes, and reports of Men in Black that speak as though they are mechanical came to mind too due to the phone calls.

Since that time, I have received other "strange" phone calls, but the normal strange kind. Mostly religious nuts that feel they need to explain to me about how aliens are really demons. Those don't bother me at all, there are no mechanical sounding voices or beeps -- just your average nut.

I still don't know what the beeps I sometimes hear are or if they are anything esoteric, but since I can't find any real explanation for them they are esoteric to me until I do.

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