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Grey Matter

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The End

The Lost series finale started out rather strange for me. I had been kind of watching the pre-show thingie while making "snacks" for the show. When the show started, there was a split screen: one side showing Lost and the other side showing trees burning. So I was thinking that the island was burning for a few moments, until I actually bothered to look at the bottom of the screen where the local news is reporting a Bosque fire. The fire is almost exactly where I once lived for a year in a rental house (on the same road), which was kind of weird. However, I was mostly pissed about the split screen and worried that the idiots at the local ABC affiliate might decide to run live coverage of the fire instead, since they often run live coverage of local fires. They must have got zillions of complaints because split screen soon disappeared and did not return for the remainder of the show.

I had been worried that I would totally hate the end of Lost, but shame on me for doubting. I really can't think of a better ending.

I still feel that many questions about the island were left unanswered, but really it didn't bother me like I thought that it would. Actually, I am a little surprised at myself for thinking that I wanted all the answers. I am not really that sort of person. In Ufology/Forteana, I don't expect any answers and it is not the hope of getting answers that attracts me. I should have known myself better than to think that I wanted all the answers when it came to Lost. Answers are normally boring and rarely live up to expectations, much like the "Across the Sea" episode.

Today (the day after) I feel drained and sad. Seriously, it is like the death of a very close friend. I very much love J.J. Abrams' "Fringe," but I don't expect it or any other show that may come along in the future will ever be able to fill the hole left by Lost. I don't think I have ever felt that way about a TV show. I was sad when X-Files ended, but I never thought that there wouldn't eventually be a show that I liked as much as it. I admit that I will also miss seeing the shirtless Josh Holloway each week, but he was just like sprinkles on a very tasty cake.

Who won't miss Lost? Well, those that never watched or got too confused to continue watching and apparently skeptiebunks. Phil Plait tweeted this right before the final episode aired:

"Hey, I heard the last episode of Gilligan's Island is airing tonight. Anyone gonna watch it?"

How childish is that? Of course, he can't stand that anything that he considers "woo-woo" is as popular as Lost was. Right there is the difference between the scientific fundamentalists and people like Dr. Kaku (aside from the fact that Dr. Kaku is light years smarter than Plait). Dr. Kaku doesn't make his living as a fundie debunker and therefore he can enjoy things like Lost, without the judgementalism and hate.

Those of you that have facebook access should check out Dr. Michio Kaku: Lost Season Six Premiere has Rock Solid Science (Interview with Popular Mechanics), since I haven't been able to find it at the Popular Mechanics website.

Back to the actual show, obviously the ending was not as scientific as the premiere of season 6. In fact, there wasn't really anything scientific about it. I will imagine that some won't be happy with that, probably the same ones that won't be happy that all their questions weren't answered. As for me, it goes along with my belief that sometimes the most profound events and experiences are not totally explainable nor do they need to be.

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