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Grey Matter

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UFO Movies & Super 8 Virals

The UFO summer is already heating up here. Earlier today, I had my first UFO sighting since last summer. It was another of those metallic orbs flying around in chemtrail looking clouds. Of course, in the photos it just looks like a white blob. Although I am surprised that the photos came out at all, considering I had forgotten to switch my camera setting and it was still on “night scene” from when I used it last.

However, most of the alien/UFO stuff going on around here (and elsewhere) is movie and TV related. We have Cowboys and Aliens due to start filming here in June, with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. The film was written by Damon Lindeloff (Lost) and is a film about aliens landing in a small Arizona town in the 1800’s and cowboys and Indians teaming up to fight them off. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Also, there is an episode of Stargate Universe filming in Farmington. I think that is the second episode to be filmed here. The other was filmed at White Sands.

However, the most intriguing movie news has been coming from J.J. Abrams/Spielberg’s upcoming alien movie Super 8. The story takes place in 1979, a train is carrying something from Area 51 to Wright Patterson. The train derails and that something break out of the train car.

First there were said to be reference to Dan Morris and hidden images in one of the trailers. Dan Morris is a retired Air Force Sergeant that claims to have been involved with alien/et related projects. You can read the article and view the images here. Supposedly it was a bootleg trailer, but most likely it is viral content released by the movie production company (or someone like that) to get people talking about the film.

That was followed up with more viral content, this website. What the people at movieviral missed (probably because they aren’t UFO obsessed) was the address that you send the coupon to, which is in Minot, ND. In 1968, there was a UFO observed over the base and missiles unexplainably had been armed and were in launch mode. There have been other UFO related incidents at Minot AFB too. You can read the article and view the viral images here.

I was also thinking about the year the film is supposed to take place - 1979. I did a quick google and that was the year of the alleged Bolivia UFO crash. Also, an alleged crash in Elk River, Washington. So maybe they are transporting something from one of those crashes.

Likely we have a lot of Super 8 virals to look forward to since it is not supposed to be released until summer of 2011. I actually am looking forward to them!

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