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Grey Matter

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Why Skeptics Do NOT Represent Science

Yes, I often call skeptics "Scientific Fundamentalists," but that is only so far as known science, as for what might be possible from man and physics -- they totally ignore it.

Frankly, I think I have far more belief in what man and physics are capable of than the so-called "scientific based" Skeptics (though probably not the real skeptics, I am refering to the ones that call themselves such, but are really debunkers).

Contrary to what they would have you believe, I do not, nor do I think most others involved in Ufology believe that every unknown flying object is flown by aliens from Mars (or wherever). It is my personal belief that probably most, if not all, of the UFOs I have seen are actually from earth and not in a cryptoterrestrial way. After all, I live in a state full of military bases and National Labs and to me that they are "ours" is the more likely answer, rather than they were really just a weather balloon or that I am not a "trained observer" and didn't know that what I saw was really just an F-16. That last part is simply ridiculous, but certain "skeptics" claim such things. I have lived near Kirtland AFB for most of my entire life, I am entirely familiar with military aircrafts. Oh, I might know exactly what each one is called, but I can tell an Osprey from a UFO -- even at night.

Yes, there are those that would claim that ETs must have helped us design such craft because we are not advanced enough. Maybe that is true, but maybe not. Nobody should ever discount man's ability to think outside the scientific box and come up with new ideas. Let's remember Mr. Tesla and if we do, we know that at least a few men might be far more advanced than others and that man coming up with such crafts on their own isn't entirely out of the realm of belief.

Skeptics would accuse some Ufologists of making money by coming to the ET conclusion -- Skeptics make money by making things "explainable." Suggesting a UFO case might be explained by a secret human craft doesn't work, because there isn't any real evidence that such things exist. There is evidence that weather balloons, Venus and so on exist -- so it is better to use those.

I have never fully understood why Ufologists are given such a hard time over the very little money they make and it is totally ignored that skeptics make their money by suppling mundane explanations. After all, who would listen to a debunkie skeptic if their answer was that they didn't know the answer? If they said something like "maybe it was a weather balloon" or "maybe it was a secret craft," they would lose all their skeptie bunkie credibility. So, in a certain way, they are forced to come up with an answer whether it is likely or not and there is nothing scientific about that.

I am not a Ufologist or a Skeptie Bunkie and, for the most part, I refrain from commenting on the sightings of others because I wasn't there and even if a photo exists, a photo does not always tell a story worth a thousand words. However, I do feel confident knowing whether or not my own sightings were of something unidentified, Venus or a weather balloon. I was the one last year that said an Albuquerque mass sighting that I had also witnessed was just a weather balloon (actually, an huge fancy balloon known as EBEX) and I was right, as Robert Hastings found the evidence a few days later. I am not looking for the unexplained where it doesn't exist and I believe that I have observed the sky and different types of craft long enough to know the difference. I am not making a dime whether I say something was an alien craft or a weather balloon and I think that alone makes me the true skeptic and far more scientific.

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