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Grey Matter

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Albuquerque, NM: April 29, 30 & May 1

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Spring Babbling

I don't really have anything esoteric to say this week. As the title states, it is just babbling.

Spring started out pretty well, Greg Bishop and his mom stopped by Albuquerque and we got to visit. I very much enjoyed that. I suppose in some ways it has been a typical Spring in New Mexico. Within a day I went from wearing sweats in the evening and sometimes still needing the heat on low, to all the windows open and wishing the swamp cooler (AC) was hooked up and ready to turn on. It really isnít that hot yet, but after a long winter, 80 degrees seems really hot.

In some ways it has been not so normal. Although, we face fire danger here every Spring, Summer and Fall, (probably Winter too) they have already started and some fairly nearby my house (like 5 minutes by car), which isnít at all normal. Both nearby fires have been at ďHaunted Hill.Ē

I canít remember if I ever wrote about Haunted Hill in Grey Matters and looking through the archive I didnít see anything, but it is possible I missed it. So long story short: there is an urban legend that, long ago, there was a hermit that lived in a cave there. He would kidnap women from town and take them up there, kill and dismember them. There is absolutely no evidence that this ever occurred. I think it is likely a story made up by parents to scare children from getting in cars with strangers. Anyhow, people claim to see lights up there at night, which is supposedly his lantern and they hear screams and bodies being drug across the ground. I have never seen or heard any of that.

The first fire was started by some guys playing with toy rockets. I'm not sure about the one today. It could have been a hot spot that reignited, but I think more likely it was arson. I happened to be in town at the time and I think I was one of the first people to see it because I had already stopped the car in two different places to take photos before the fire trucks went by. It was burning in several different spots up and down the hill, which just didnít seem right.

One of the things I found amazing was that most people didnít notice this fire on the hill until they saw me taking photos and then looked to see what I was taking photos of. And we wonder why most people never see UFOs? They only pay attention to what is directly in front of them.

OK, enough of the Spring time fire danger stuff. Onto the girlie stuff:

As is customary for me, I have let my hair grow all winter long. It is a wild mess! I will be getting it cut on Monday and colored. I think I will be doing red with blond streaks. Hopefully that sounds slightly weird because when I quit doing weird things I will start feeling old. :-) Also, there is something to be said about it being Spring and needing to feel renewed, different and somewhat revived from the days of greyish cold.

And nothing to do with Spring, but as long as I am babbling I must mention my new favorite TV show - An Idiot Abroad. I am totally addicted to it. I can even watch the reruns and enjoy them. Donít know why I feel the need to mention that, other than there is a marathon of Idiot that is playing on TV while I write this. For the record, I donít think Carl is an idiot. Oh, he isnít Dr. Kaku, but he is smarter than many people I met on a daily basis. Basically Carl says what he is thinking, he is honest, he doesnít spend time thinking about what others might make of what he says before speaking.

OK, that is all my babbling for now. Maybe next week I will have something more esoteric to write about or perhaps it will all be about how my hair turned out - who knows?

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