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Sorry, But Area 51 is a UFO Base

Recently there have been several different news stories about Area 51 employees coming forward with what they know. They normally have titles like this - Area 51 vets break silence: sorry, but no space aliens or UFOs at Area 51.

These men are coming forward with very interesting tales of life at Area 51 in the 1950s, 60s and early seventies. However, instead of focusing on that, the headline writers and a good portion of the articles focus on the fact that those silly UFO believers are wrong again, ha ha. Well, except they're not. I hate to explain this all the time, but maybe some day the media and other skeptic/debunkers will get it through their heads - UFO = unidentified flying object and has nothing to do with ETs. That being the case, there most certainly were UFOs at Area 51. These men admit to having known about the SR-71 Blackbird and other secret crafts that were developed at Area 51. Crafts that at the time were unidentified flying objects to everyone that didn't work at Area 51.

I don't believe that anyone back in the era they worked there were claiming to see flying saucer crafts or the huge triangles that are now associated with Area 51 nor were they claiming there was a secret underground alien base. Well, I mean people were claiming to see such things, but not in association with Area 51. I believe that is all more recent tales from the 1990s. I also see no reason why I should doubt the many people that claim to have seen these things at or around Area 51. Is that not what they do there, test secret aircrafts? It certainly seems to be what they are known for doing there, especially if you read the stories these men tell.

One of the things that irritates the crap out of me is that the news media doesn't care that there could be a real story there - amazing huge silent crafts, they would rather laugh at the people that claim to have seen them. It has nothing to do with aliens because there are plenty of people that believe these crafts exist and were created by earthly scientists. Belief in aliens is not required. I can only assume these so called reporters are afraid to mention such things seriously. Yes, you could get into a lot of trouble trying to expose the governments secret projects whether they have anything to do with aliens or not. Better to just mock the poor folks that have seen them. To my knowledge, George Knapp is still the only reporter to have ever really taken the Area 51 stories seriously.

We could argue about whether these crafts are back-engineered alien crafts and whether or not Area 51 is also a secret underground alien base, but we can't say that there have never been UFOs there, nor can we say that there no longer are, especially given that new super runway they have added to the base.

Sorry "news reporters," Area 51 was and likely still is a UFO base.

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