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Grey Matter

Wake Up Now!
UFO/Paranormal Conference

Albuquerque, NM: April 29, 30 & May 1

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Metaphysical vs. Nuts n' Bolts

I have always known that many people in Ufology totally don't believe in most other metaphysical things, concepts - whatever. They believe in UFOs as solid and real objects, not anything metaphysical.

What I have learned while helping with Wake Up Now Conference, is that people really into the metaphysical seem to feel the same way about Ufology.

I have received lots of email and comments that basically say that they are only interested in seeing Dolores Cannon and/or Meg Blackburn Losey and are wondering if they can get a discounted ticket.

WTF? I expect that type of thing from many in Ufology, but I expected the metaphysical crowd to be a bit more open minded and perhaps want to check out some different ideas and viewpoints. Aside from Ufology, I am baffled that they don't seem the least interested in Atlantean crystals or psychic Bigfoot.

I am assuming they must view UFOs differently than those we call Ufologists. Perhaps more so as some sort of spiritual manifestation than an actual nuts and bolts craft. I am not going to argue that isn't possible, as I have always said, there are probably many different types of explanations for UFOs being that many of the experiences are very different.

I am mostly disappointed that they would be limiting themselves to only listening to views that they are pretty sure they will agree with. I don't think that is the purpose of a conference. I would be equally disappointed if the situation were reversed and the UFO people only wanted to see Rich Dolan and Bill Birnes.

Everyone knows that I am far more interested in nuts and bolts Ufology, but I will gladly listen to and hope to learn something from others that have a different view. In my opinion, that is how we expand our minds (without the aide of drugs) and learn. If you aren't at least hearing different ideas, then your mind becomes stale and lazy. Give yourself lots of different possibilities to think about! You may come to the conclusion that those other concepts are total crap, but it is the thinking about them that is good for you, so you don't get stuck in some sort of dogmatic religion.

I don't want anyone to think I am picking on the "new agey" people because I think the same in true for those in Ufology. Yes, you may be convinced that all UFOs are some sort of solid and real craft, or this or that, but at least listen to different points of view and give them some consideration, as long as the speaker isn't boring. Really, both and much more are possibly true -- UFOs do not have to be only one thing. Until we can prove for certain what they are, all theories should be considered.

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