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Grey Matter

Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !

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Skinwalkers and Orbs

As some of you know, a few years ago myself and some crazy friends started a parnormal group. It is now called New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum and, except for a couple months in the summer, we have a monthly gathering. At first, these were mostly sharing sessions, but now we normally have a guest speaker each month. In February, our speaker was JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners.

I had never met JC before, as he is based in Farmington, which is quite a way from Albuquerque, but I had followed his research on the internet and looked forward to his presentation.

We had a full house and it was really a great presentation, mostly about Bigfoot in the Four Corners area, but there was something else that really caught my eye. It was this drawing he showed of a Skinwalker flying around inside an orb. The drawing was done by Leonard Dan, who I believe JC said was Navajo and it was based on a Skinwalker legend that I had never heard of before. According to this legend there are certain evolved Skinwalkers that no longer need to walk around in bodies and instead fly about in or as orbs. Given that I have seen so many orbs I found that to be a rather creepy thought.

I have never really felt anything sinister from the orbs (which have always been either glowing white or silver) I have seen, but I know of others that have felt them to be really sinister, especially people who have seen and sometimes interacted with orange or red ones.

I am not sure how far back this legend dates, it could be thousands of years. Although, I normally think of orbs first being witnessed as the Foo Fighters of WWII that is obviously wrong because there are much older illustrations of orbs, like the Nuremberg Woodcut.

I am not going to say Skinwalkers donít fly around in orbs because I really wouldnít know, but if you were a Native American hundreds of years ago that happened to see these orbs and then later found livestock or animals mutilated, it would be easy to assume it was done by a being that was already known to your culture, like a Skinwalker, rather than something of unknown origin.

When I googled "Skinwalker and orbs" to see if I could find anything more about this legend, I came up empty handed so far as the legend. What I did find was lots of reports and some videos of orbs seen on and above The Skinwalker Ranch in Utah. While it isnít really that odd that a place associated with as much paranormal activity as Skinwalker Ranch would have sightings of both Skinwalkers and orbs, it is (at least to me) more than a little creepy. I donít think I will ever see an orb again without that Skinwalker drawing flashing through my mind and wondering if it could be true.

BTW, anyone in or near Albuquerque is welcome to show up for our gatherings, admission is always free. Our next gathering in on March 17th with guest speaker Dennis Balthaser. You can always find out information on upcoming meetings at the New Mexico UFO/Paranormal BlogNew Mexico UFO/Paranormal.

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  • Lesley is also a columnist for UFO Magazine. Check it out !