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My Visit to the Mystery Stone

After years of wanting to check it out, I finally made it to the Los Lunas Inscription Rock last week. Luckily, we had a guide so we didn't get lost.

For those that don't know, the Los Lunas Inscription Rock contains an inscription that is thought to be a form of ancient Hebrew that hasn't been used in like 1,000 years. This would be totally normal if it was found somewhere that Hebrew was spoken back then, but it wasn't. It was found in New Mexico and it is carved into local stone. Judging by the comparisons, it really does seem to be ancient Hebrew.

Unfortunately, due to people "cleaning" it over the years, (in order to better view the inscription), they have worn off the patina and now it is said that the inscription can't be dated to a specific time. That opens the question of fraud.

Many think that Professor Frank Hibben, archaeologist at the University of New Mexico, who discovered the stone in 1933, may have created it. Hibben is known to have fabricated some data to support his pre-Clovis migration theory. I am not quite sure why he would fabricate the inscription stone, other than just for attention.

After the hike to the stone, which was quite steep, my knee was giving out, so I could not continue further up the mountain with most of the others. I wanted to because there was suppose to be more, but smaller, inscription stones - well, I couldn't do it. Anyhow, the others reported that they found one other small stone with similar Hebrew like writing and that it also had the date 1930 carved into it. That could be the date it was found or the date it was created.

I can't imagine why someone would carve into an ancient inscription stone with a modern date. They wouldn't do that now, but maybe back then it was okay. Possibly it was some sort of test to see how hard it would be to carve into the stone and they then dated it so it wouldn't be confused with other inscriptions. Also strange is that 1930 is three years before Hibben was said to have discovered the stone, so maybe there was some other hoaxster at work. Although, really I can't imagine someone, other than possibly Hibben, taking the time out there in the middle of nowhere (especially back then) to carve the large stone and others. Besides that, who other than Hibben would be likely to know an ancient form of Hebrew?

As we were hiking, we came across some men that had been surveying and we stopped to chat with them. They were from our local Christian TV station and said that they will be taking over the preservation of the site. There have been vandals over the years and, apparently, whatever agency is in charge right now is having a hard time maintaining the area. It may seem weird that a local Christian Channel would be doing that, but the stone is believed by some to contain the 10 commandments. Others say it is just some sort of general blessing. Of course, either is related to the bible and so it makes sense in a way.

I am just glad that someone will be looking after the stone. Possibly it is a total fake, but that chance shouldn't be taken without knowing for certain. Well, and even if it is a total fake, it is still a part of New Mexican history and something unusual that should be preserved.

Well, I made it there (though barely, considering how out of shape I am), but no mystery was solved. Then again, I wasn't looking to solve anything.

My photos can be found here.

A nice website about the stone with the comparisons to ancient Hebrew can be found here.

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