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MUFON Madness

A couple of weeks ago, 4 State Directors of MUFON were fired:

Elaine Douglass, Utah (Also editor of the Journal of Abduction Research, JAR)
Christine Dickey, Arizona
Marilyn Carlson, Oklahoma
Leslie Varnicle, Colorado

Just a while back, the Texas State Director, Ken Cherry was fired. Although, in Cherry's case, he gave a rather odd speech that many found offensive and it was somewhat understandable that he was fired.

The first synchronicity in this is that all those states border New Mexico. If you include Cherry and Texas in that, you have every state that borders New Mexico. I don't WTF that means, if anything, but it is weird.

The big, obvious synchronicity is that this latest firing binge included only women. Almost all these women had been members of MUFON for 20 years or more. Leslie Varnicle had been a member for 41 years! Although, really, it would be too easy an answer to blame it on sexism. Though, I would like to know what percentage of state directors that are left are women.

Frankly, there is much more going on with MUFON. I have spoken with 3 of the 4 women and have heard some disturbing things. Aside from that, from all outward appearances, Leslie Varnicle of Colorado (member of MUFON for 41 years!) was a fantastic state director. She had a very large MUFON membership and was constantly working on conferences and raising money for MUFON.

I am still working on this story, but I think that the contract between MUFON and Bob Bigelow can give some clues to what is going on behind the scenes.

There is much more than what is written out in that contract (I am still unwinding it all), but I believe the contract does give clues to anyone that reads it. Exactly why James Carrion signed that is a mystery to me. He seems like a smart guy. I am just guessing, but maybe MUFON was that desperate for money at the time. However, don't be mistaken into thinking that that solved MUFON's money problems because it wasn't long before MUFON HQ was asking their State Directors to send more money, but it was after Carrion's resignation.

BTW, James Carrion, the guy who signed the contract with Bigelow and later resigned, is spilling what beans he has over at his blog. If you didn't find the clues in the contract, they are pretty spelled out there.

Of course, this is nothing new. Almost every UFO organization has been infiltrated and ruined. Even with my own local and unorganized group, I often look around the room to see who is new and wonder who may be there for the sole purpose of causing trouble and destroying it. We did have a very suspicious person last year, one that seemed to know things about members that they had no way to know. However, if that person was some sort of agent, they weren't very good at it and before long realized that we all thought there was something odd going on. They disappeared and so far have not returned.

It is very sad and really weird that people in UFOlogy have to think about such things, but that past has proven that we do.

You can almost be sure that I will have more to say on this in the future.

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